How Axosoft Helped Us Build a Death Star and Crush a Rebellion

When building a Death Star, an omnipresent threatening force can be a good motivator, but is hardly a useful methodology for shipping on time. Myself and my master, Emperor Palpatine, soon came to the realization that a more pragmatic, controlled and proactive approach to our project management was needed to pull off such a monumental and complex undertaking.

Thank the Force we discovered Axosoft to implement our agile workflow. Here are just a few ways in which certain Axosoft features helped us see our Death Star project through to completion, helped us squash subtle-but-significant bugs, and ultimately help us destroy the Rebel Alliance and rule the galaxy.


Resolve Conflicts: No Counseling Required

GitKraken Presents the Merge Conflict Tool

Hey you! Are you working through some issues but don’t have time for the therapist’s couch? When you sit down and start working with the merge tool in GitKraken,  all your internal struggles will disappear. No hypnosis or guided imagery needed.

Because the fact of the matter is conflicts are pretty common—in coding and in real life. And sometimes you need a referee, a parent or a therapist. Enter GitKraken’s merge conflict tool. It’s like having all of those three people in one. Read on to learn more about how it works about why you’ll be stoked to use it.

GitKraken’s Fuzzy Finder Gives you Focus

Have you ever lost your glasses or forgotten your contacts? (If you have perfect vision, congrats to you, but please stay with me). In your glassesless search around your house, did you grope for a lamp only to find it was your cat or last night’s Chinese takeout? Regardless, you know how annoying it is to not be able to search successfully for specific items.

You also know the feeling of finding your glasses, seeing clearly, and going back to being a productive human. This is what GitKraken’s new Fuzzy Finder does for you. It helps you search and find what you need super fast (without mistakenly handling old Chinese food). Read on to find out how GitKraken’s new Fuzzy Finder is making searching for repos, branches and file names a breeze.

3 New Aha’s in Customer Success

Conference Brings New Ideas — Infographic Included

What happened when members of our Customer Success team traveled to San Francisco for the Customer Success Summit on March 21-22? They found some new inspiration, cutting-edge ideas and a couple of surprising insights. Read on to learn what our team took away from the convention; perhaps you can find something useful too.

The Votes are In! Winners of #GKContest Announced.

The air was filled with anticipation as all Axosoft employees gathered in our main meeting room. The excitement was palpable as we examined, deliberated and chose our favorite designs, video games and song entries for the  #GKContest—a celebration of the launch of GitKraken.

GK Contest Graphic

We examined; we deliberated; and you know what, it wasn’t easy to choose winners. You all impressed us beyond words. The amount of hard work that went into every submission was incredible and extremely evident. Congrats to all who participated! Read on to see who won, as well as to see their entries.