New Study Finds Bright Future for Help Desk Solutions

Customer experience is now the top priority for most companies, even more so than product innovation

A new report by the help desk research and analysis consultancy Software Advice shows that a majority of companies are looking to improve or expand their help desk offerings.  Among companies who plan to change their spending, 84% stated their intention to increase investment in help desk software. The majority cited their need to add new features to keep up with the increasing service expectations of customers, as the most common reason for increasing their investment.

help desk software investment

Electricity Is Really Just Organized Lightning

Axosoft is in the process of wrangling lightning, which is both impossible and totally exciting!

“Electricity is really just organized lightning.” — George Carlin

Before we get into the bright flash and thunder that Axosoft is igniting… allow me to introduce myself, I’m Tania Katan, and I have no right working for a tech company. I’m pretty sure that’s why Axosoft hired me to be their Brand Evangelist. Lots of companies are like, “YEAH, we want employees who think outside of the box!” “We’re totally innovative!” Then they post a job, wait for the perfect match, or worse, a regurgitation of the requisite qualifications—going so far as to eject your resume from the system if your words don’t match theirs. Boring.

It’s National Silo-Busting Day!


Ok, I just made that up, but why not?! From the very moment we start a job, we’re shoved into a 3.5”x 2” silo. It’s true! We get a title, assigned to a department, and soon we’re trapped in a business card that displays who we are, what we do, and how to contact us for the rest of our LIFE, life, life, life… (to be said with an echo effect as if falling down a sinkhole to the end of the earth). Yikes! We’re not one-trick ponies. In fact, we’ve got lots of tricks, talents, and areas of expertise, but since we were little, well-meaning adults have looked down on us and asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”