Field Trip Time!

Mission Montessori 8th Graders Visit Axosoft

At Axosoft, we open our doors to lots of different people and groups in our community. On any given day, we see new faces touring our office, attending events, and hosting their own groups and meetings in our space. It’s not every day though that we get a group of about 30 kids roaming the halls. That’s why we invited the 8th-grade class at Mission Montessori to come visit us, and we pulled out all the stops!

It Was NEVER A Dress!

A Campaign (Em)powered by Axosoft

By now #ItWasNeverADress has organically reached over 18 million people on social media! That doesn’t take into account the reach of articles on CNN, Yahoo, Today, NY Times, TIME, Mashable, BuzzFeed, LifeShifter and other major online publications. Yes, I name dropped… only because it’s kind of a big deal. But no one has the inside scoop like we do!

It Was Never A Dress

Axosoft Super Charged the 2015 Phoenix Scrum Gathering

Welcome to the Silicon Desert!

The Silicon Desert continues to flourish!

Hungry, curious minds from all over the world gathered in the Phoenix valley for the 2015 Global Scrum Gathering brought to you by the Scrum Alliance. If you’re newer to this, Scrum is a popular software development approach and this gathering is one of the major conferences of all things Scrum (and Agile). Feel free to check out Scrum Alliance if you’re interested in learning more.

The Art and Science of Software Development

TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series

Tania Katan, Brand Evangelist, and John Haley, Developer at Axosoft, were recent guests on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share their insights on project management. This series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.

Tania and John joined Buckner to discuss the different terms and aspects of agile project management software at Axosoft.


Women Holding in More than Pee Pee!

women's sign

Since the dawn of time, inquiring minds have wanted to know… “What really happens in the Women’s Restroom?! Why do they go in twos? Are they crying? Gossiping? Pillow fighting? WTF?!

Answers have remained a mystery… until now. Turns out, this seemingly innocuous space has one very big secret! Axosoft has used their agile powers to infiltrate the system and break the bathroom code once and for all! The most shocking part… It was right in front of our faces this whole time! That’s right, the passive woman plastered on the outside of bathrooms around the world, the one wearing a triangle dress, has been holding in something bigger than pee pee (and we’re not talking #2)! The secret she holds every single day will be revealed at the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference and all we can say is… It was never a dress!