How a Small Community Program in Indonesia is Solving a Worldwide Tech Problem

Bandung, Indonesia (also known as the Paris of Java) has transformed over the years from a small idyllic town into a bustling metropolitan area with living space for more than 2.5 million people. Currently, 6,965,655 people live there, and it’s no surprise that education is paramount to the country’s growth.

Fast fact: Bandung has nearly 50 higher educational institutions. 

More people are needed in the burgeoning IT sector if the country wants to stay ahead of the economic curve. So, what are they doing about this issue? Read on to find out! 

Top 3 Things You Can Do with Email in Axosoft

Turn your Customer Support Team into a Customer Success Team!

Ah, the email inbox. It is one of the most useful ways of communicating in the digital age, and yet it is so cumbersome when you need more than one person accessing an inbox and replying to emails.

How can you keep track of who is responding to what email, and how do you know when a conversation is done? If you are a member of a support or service team, the answer to this question becomes even more critical. Read on to find out how you can use Axosoft’s Help Desk functionality to turn your customer support team into a customer success team!


It’s Here! GitKraken v1.3

See the Past, Live in the Future

If you’ve been following the progress of our magnificent Git client, GitKraken, you’ve probably figured out that our long-term goal is to keep you—the fearless developer—in app and enjoying your life rather than clicking out to some other application. We know you have zero time for that dance and thus we present to you…drum roll please…v1.3! Now with multi-select commits and more keyboard shortcuts. Read on. You’ll be glad you did!

The Case of The American Girl with no Doll

It was a hot winter afternoon in Scottsdale, Arizona, which sounds confusing, but if you live in the desert you know how the heat can creep up on you like a wool sweater.

I was wearing a black vegan leather jacket (plastic); black cotton t-shirt, cheap grey watch and Elvis Costello eyeglasses. My hair was sufficiently spiky, due to 8-great-hours of sleep. I was happy, caffeinated and sober and I didn’t care who knew it. I was everything an unofficial private detective ought to be.

Find out how I cracked the case of The American Girl with no Doll.

How Axosoft Helped Us Build a Death Star and Crush a Rebellion

When building a Death Star, an omnipresent threatening force can be a good motivator, but is hardly a useful methodology for shipping on time. Myself and my master, Emperor Palpatine, soon came to the realization that a more pragmatic, controlled and proactive approach to our project management was needed to pull off such a monumental and complex undertaking.

Thank the Force we discovered Axosoft to implement our agile workflow. Here are just a few ways in which certain Axosoft features helped us see our Death Star project through to completion, helped us squash subtle-but-significant bugs, and ultimately help us destroy the Rebel Alliance and rule the galaxy.