What to Look for when you Buy Help Desk Software

Based on a recent Help Desk Buyer View report from Software Advice

Buying any sort of software for your business can be an intimidating prospect, especially something as important as help desk software. One of the best places to start is by seeing some of the trends in the industry and determine what your peers are looking for when they purchase a similar system. Software Advice, a service that helps buyers determine the best help desk for their business, recently released a new report that surveyed over 300 help desk buyers to see what they were looking for in a new system. We wanted to find out more about this research, so we organized a quick Q&A with Craig Borowski, the researcher who conducted this study and wrote this report.

Creating Software is a Very Human Process

Steve Mezak, Founder and CEO of Accelerance, Discusses the Importance of Gender Equality in Software Outsourcing

The late Karen Spärck Jones, who was among the first women to blaze a trail in computer science and introduced the concept of inverse document retrieval (IDF), which is used in most search engines today, once said,

“computing is too important to be left to men.”

That’s why smart companies are looking to hire women to be a part of their development teams. But how does a lack of women coders impact a business? Find out…

Axosoft GitKraken: Unleash Your Repo!

An introduction to the beautiful, new, intuitive and truly cross-platform Git client.

Until now, any dev working with a team on project code has had to make a compromise: opt for the “superuser” power of Git at the command line interface (CLI) level, or go for the less feature-rich but more visually intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) of a Git client. A small team of devs here at Axosoft, not satisfied with the existing options, wanted to create the Git client that devs like themselves always wanted, and the result is GitKraken. Here’s an introduction to the new, beautiful cross-platform Git client by Axosoft.

GitKraken icon

Women in Tech Interview Series

Amy Ayres: Driven by Passion, Heart and Brains

Call Amy Ayres a developer, a darned genius, a hard worker, or a problem solver, just don’t call her a pioneer. Because she doesn’t really feel that gender problems exist in the tech space. Before you start thinking things like, “Wait, what? There are issues! We have a gap that we need to contend with! Our girls are not encouraged to like math and science!” please read on…




Ink Drops in Water

The Making of Axosoft GitKraken.com’s Video Background

When people see this swirling underwater world on the Axosoft’s GitKraken.com page, they think we went deep sea diving to capture the footage. That was the intention: create an entire, abstract world–one where a kraken might hang out–to introduce our new git client (that doesn’t suck).  “Ink Drops in Water” is the name of this video background and the two things people always ask after they watch it is, “How did you make those videos?”, and  “How did you talk your company into letting you do that?” This post explains the processes behind creating that world.

Axosoft GitKraken Website