As a Developer, How Can I Use Axosoft?

Axosoft Use Case #1: Developers

Devs: when it comes to Axosoft, we want you to get in, get out, and back to doing your thing. You really only need to do three actions to contribute to your team:

  • Log in
  • Log your time
  • Update workflow steps

The three actions above give your team a clear understanding of what’s going on. Allow us to break down these three lovely bullets further and get you on your way.

Learn How to Make New User Onboarding Easier

3 Ways to Get Users into Axosoft Faster

3 Ways to Make Onboarding Easier

The search for a new software product is hard enough. I get it, I’ve been through it and I’ve helped people through it. Here at Axosoft I am a part of our Sales team so I help people go through this process every day. I have also worked in software support, training and account management in the past so I completely understand the challenges of how to best set a team up for success.

Once you find the product that you think is the answer to all your problems, you have to convince your team it was the right choice. So how do you enlighten those folks and get them on board with the super new product you spent countless hours evaluating, reviewing, testing, asking questions about and negotiating for?

Integrate Your Axosoft Account with Hundreds of Apps using Zapier

Axosoft + Zapier Integration

Integrate All The Things


Zapier is a powerful automation service that can fetch data from hundreds of supported applications and post to your Axosoft account.  You can also have new items in your Axosoft database trigger updates and post the new data to any of Zapier’s applications.  Each automation point is called a ‘Zap’ and they’re incredibly easy to set up and maintain.


To start ‘Zapping’ now or read more about how it works, check out our Zapbook at any time.

Coding, Capes, & Creativity

Inaugural #ItWasNeverADress STEAM Conference This Weekend!

Capable young women from across the Valley will be gathering at Axosoft’s Headquarters in North Scottsdale this weekend, July 18 and 19th, for the Inaugural #ItWasNeverADress STEAM Conference.


We’re excited to announce that Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton will be kicking off the conference with Axosoft CEO Lawdan Shojaee. Miss Gilbert Lauren McBurnett, Miss Phoenix Kaitlin Vortherms, and Miss Understood Tania Katan will also be giving opening remarks. We have great speakers lined up for the two days; check out the full list of speakers.