Coders vs. Cancer

Spoiler Alert: Coders WIN!

Ink Drops in Water

The Making of Axosoft’s Video Background

When people see this swirling underwater world on the Axosoft’s page, they think we went deep sea diving to capture the footage. That was the intention: create an entire, abstract world–one where a kraken might hang out–to introduce our new git client (that doesn’t suck).  “Ink Drops in Water” is the name of this video background and the two things people always ask after they watch it is, “How did you make those videos?”, and  “How did you talk your company into letting you do that?” This post explains the processes behind creating that world.

Axosoft GitKraken Website

How can Axosoft help me with billing?

Getting the pieces to work together

Are you interested in marrying the project management prowess of Axosoft with the billing needs of your business? You might work for an agency, be a freelancer, or have a general need to bill an hourly rate for your work. Axosoft is fantastic at tracking who is doing what, projecting ship dates, and more. Although it is not a full service billing software, our Work Logs tab can act as your first source of data.

The clock ticks ever forward.
The clock ticks ever forward.

Coders vs. Cancer

Spoiler Alert: Coders WIN!

We were THRILLED to be a part of the inaugural Hackathon: Coders vs. Cancer! As a two-time breast cancer survivor (yeah, I’m an overachiever),  part of this excitement comes from the fact I know, personally, how critical early detection is and how software has the potential to make early detection easier. Also, the fact that Axosoft, as a conscious company, decided to show up in a big way for this event, is extra special. Not only did we offer an Axo-Empowerment Prize for the winners, but I gave the event’s opening talk!

Secret Menu: Test Case Management II

How QA Teams Use Axosoft Wiki for Test Cases

In a previous post, we talked about two ways customers approach test case management. In this post, we’ll focus on doing test case management with Axosoft Wiki.

QA teams approach testing in three main ways with Axosoft:

  • The bulk pass
    • QA team works through the same series of test cases before release
  • Testing as a workflow
    • Teams segment their testing phases via a series of workflow steps
  • Testing all in one workflow step
    • Teams use a “Ready for Testing” step to work through all testing for each item

In all three cases, you need to have your test cases written up in Axosoft Wiki. So if your test cases are written up somewhere as word documents, etc., consider organizing them with the Axosoft Wiki!

Power up the wiki
Power up the wiki