Secret Menu: Test Case Management II

How QA Teams Use Axosoft Wiki for Test Cases

In a previous post, we talked about two ways customers approach test case management. In this post, we’ll focus on doing test case management with Axosoft Wiki.

QA teams approach testing in three main ways with Axosoft:

  • The bulk pass
    • QA team works through the same series of test cases before release
  • Testing as a workflow
    • Teams segment their testing phases via a series of workflow steps
  • Testing all in one workflow step
    • Teams use a “Ready for Testing” step to work through all testing for each item

In all three cases, you need to have your test cases written up in Axosoft Wiki. So if your test cases are written up somewhere as word documents, etc., consider organizing them with the Axosoft Wiki!

Power up the wiki
Power up the wiki

As a Product Owner, How Can I Use Axosoft?

Axosoft Use Case #3: Product Owner

Your product should always be your priority. Your company’s product requires a vision, and many agile teams look to the Product Owner to set that vision. Whether you use the term Product Owner or another term such as Product Manager, we’re here to share how you might use Axosoft in that role. Let’s start with a few key outcomes Product Owners strive to accomplish:

  • Maximize the number of features that can be completed within a release.
  • Decrease the time it takes to turn feedback into prioritized backlog items.
  • Decrease the time it takes for feature requests to be understood by the development team.
  • Increase the Return On Investment of work (e.g. features).

The outcomes listed above depend heavily on how the Product Owner decides to manage their product backlog, which is where Axosoft can help! As in our previous Use Case articles, we’re going to assume you are familiar with the Axosoft basics. If not, start with this video series or go through the opening tutorial again.

Secret Menu: Creating Project Templates in Axosoft

Project Templates Streamline Repetitive Tasks for Each Project

Does your team have a standard set of tasks that need to be done for every new project you take on? Does the process of re-creating those tasks each time feel immensely tedious? Have no fear! I’m about to help you simplify that process…

When it comes time to start a new project, please don’t dread the thought of having to input repetitive tasks into Axosoft. Axosoft allows you to template projects along with their associated tasks and then save them (I call them “ghost” projects but they’re more boo-tiful then they are scary! See what I did there?!). You can even make the template copy of your project a Favorite so you don’t have to look far each time a new project comes up.

Black Girls Code Project Humanity Hackathon

In 3 Days, Young Girls Built Apps for Social Justice

Yesterday, the inspiring story of Black Girls Code aired on NPR. If you don’t know who Black Girls Code are and why they are so important; listen up, these young women have something important to say! Recently, Lawdan and I were lucky enough to attend Black Girls Code Project Humanity Hackathon to help judge pitches. All the girls in attendance were 12-17 years old and spent 3 days concepting, planning and wireframing apps for social justice. The apps that emerged were primarily focused on bullying, stereotypes, and environmental issues, speaking volumes to the issues that this generation is facing.

The girls were all so thoughtful in their app designs and well-rehearsed in their pitches, making it really difficult to rank teams–but one team truly stood out. This winning team created an app called “Mana” that lets students study together outside of the classroom. Students using the app can get notes and homework after being absent, as well as access other study tools like flashcards. Their hard work earned them a $2,000 prize and the admiration of 16 other teams of app designers.

black girls code hackathon winners
The winning team that created Mana

So Much Girl Power in One Room

The Story Of One Very Impressive #ItWasNeverADress STEAM Conference Attendee

We just recently hosted our first #ItWasNeverADress STEAM Conference, and it was beyond anything I had hoped for. We brought in amazing speakers, educators and role models like David Dodge, Hilary Harp, Melissa Medvin, Evan Clark, Hilary Weber, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, Kaitlin Vortherms, Lauren McBurnett and our own team (Tania Katan, Lawdan Shojaee, and myself, Sara Breeding) to give workshops and presentations on everything from Coding to Confidence Building. Our goal was to educate and inspire these girls to pursue STEAM fields. Looking back on the event, I think I learned as much from these girls as I hope they did from us.

I had the great honor of meeting a 14-year-old girl named Danielle Delgado. She told me about her dreams, goals, role models, and viewpoints. She also told me about the company she already started, where she makes 3D printed jewelry – you better believe I’m putting my order in! This girl has accomplished so much in 14 years, and I know she’ll go far with her big heart and big dreams. Here’s more of her story…

danielle eelgado