What’s New in Axosoft 15.1?

The All Items Tab is Now More Functional!

We’re delighted to announce that the release of Axosoft 15.1 includes an expansion of the All Items tab! Before we jump right in, feel free to check out our list of defect fixes. Otherwise, here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

  • Add any item type under All Items
  • Apply your Filters to each item type
  • Export from All Items
  • Dashboard beautification

Video summary:

Working on NodeGit

To Git Some Great Cross-Platform Options to Developers

We’re always looking for cool new things to work on at Axosoft and this culminates annually in our 30-day-projects. In last year’s 30-day projects a bunch of us started working on a new way to interact with git.

working on nodegit

One of the things we wanted was a tool that was cross-platform. All of us have different working styles and none of us want to compromise the quality of our tools. So we decided to try something new and different; we decided to make a cross-platform git app using some cool new technologies. We looked into building a git client using nw.js (formerly node-webkit) and Angular JS. The one critical thing we needed was a node module that was cross platform and allowed us to access git.

My Kid Codes Better Than Your Honor Student!

CodaKid teaches children how to design, create, and dream!

Kids Coding at Axosoft

What if your 7-year-old could learn how to modify (“mod”) the award winning game Minecraft®? How awesome would it be for your 10-year-old to learn universal coding concepts? What if your 14-year-old could create his/her own game?

This May, Axosoft opens its doors to CodaKid, the super dynamic Arizona based computer programming and video game academy, for children ages 6 to 14. CodaKid is armed with the staff and curriculum that will empower your kids to do all of the above and more!

New Study Finds Bright Future for Help Desk Solutions

Customer experience is now the top priority for most companies, even more so than product innovation

A new report by the help desk research and analysis consultancy Software Advice shows that a majority of companies are looking to improve or expand their help desk offerings.  Among companies who plan to change their spending, 84% stated their intention to increase investment in help desk software. The majority cited their need to add new features to keep up with the increasing service expectations of customers, as the most common reason for increasing their investment.

help desk software investment