What Happens When Thousands of People Come Together?

What Happens When Thousands of People Come Together?

Happiness for one very deserving 5 year-old boy

Seth Lane is a little boy who was born without an immune system. He needs our earnest hopes and healing energy today. If you didn’t catch the compelling video of little Seth on AZ Central, you’ll want to.

Axosoft wears yellow for seth
The Axosoft team sending warm thoughts to Seth from sunny Scottsdale, AZ!

Seth sits in his hospital bed, hooked up to tubes, puffy from medication and bruised; yet somehow, when he looks into the camera to tell us what he loves, he seems buoyant! He loves Fireman Sam from Paw Patrol and the color yellow. Despite his circumstances, 5 year-old Seth is reaching out and asking us for a little support in the form of his favorite color, yellow. Yellow makes him happy, cheers him up, and gives him strength, all of which he will need before, during and after his upcoming (second) bone marrow transplant.

So… put on your yellow TODAY, take a photo of yourself, and share it on Seth’s Facebook page, on Twitter with #WearYellowForSeth or on Instagram. Also, his family set up an account for everyone interested in helping with his increasing medical expenses. Axosoft just gave, maybe your company can ban together and give too, at http://www.gofundme.com/SupportSeth

If you need a little more inspiration to give Seth your healing energy, Dr. Deepak Chopra says, “There are healing forces in nature that science is only beginning to understand.”

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