Axosoft at ‘VS Live 360!’ in Orlando 2012

Axosoft at ‘VS Live 360!’ in Orlando 2012

A few of us just got back from sponsoring the Visual Studio Live 360 conference in Orlando, FL last week. Now that the jet lag has worn off and we are back in our comfy offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, we would like to give a big thanks to the attendees, other sponsors, volunteers, and organizers for a successful conference. The Royal Pacific Resort was beautiful, the weather was decent, and the food was great. A few of our developers tagged along, and they learned from the workshops, speakers, and keynotes.

We had the opportunity to chat about OnTime with a ton of awesome attendees and we are really excited about the positive feedback we received about our latest release, OnTime 13. Also, it was awesome to meet the faces behind some of the thousands of companies that are already using OnTime — thanks for stopping by the booth and I hope that you enjoyed the swag!  :-)

Axosoft is dedicated to sponsoring software related events that help the development community. We sponsor and attend events throughout the year, so keep a look out for us and definitely come say hello!

Check out some pictures from the event:

The Axosoft booth loaded up with swag!

A few of the Treasure Chest “Key to Agile” Promotion

Nexus 7 Winner (1 of 2)
Tego Audio Speaker Winner (1 of 10)
Axosoft T-shirt Winner (1 of 30)
Dud keys — hey, they can’t all win!

We’re preparing our 2013 conference schedule, so if you have a conference that you thing would be good for us to sponsor drop us a line at ‘team — at — axosoft — dotcom.’

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