Upgrading Axosoft Bug Tracker

Upgrading Axosoft Bug Tracker

For those who did not hear, the Axosoft Bug Tracker is currently available for just $1/year for your entire team. It’s hands down the best deal you’ll find for a hosted solution and can still manage your bugs, workflows and team members great.

Bug Tracker!
Bug Tracker!

Now for some teams, our issue tracker will do the trick just fine. However, having awesome bug tracking software is only as good as your ability to find and report bugs. Why not offload that to your customers using the Customer Portal or have their emails become tickets you can track? Axosoft HelpDesk can do all these things.  If you’re new to Axosoft HelpDesk, then check out this previous blog post to learn more.


Come with me...
The best place to capture bugs is through Axosoft HelpDesk.


If you’ve been using Axosoft Bug Tracker, you probably have a few questions about synergy with our other modules. To help you get an idea of the transition, here are some frequently asked questions:

What happens to my number of users when I upgrade to Axosoft HelpDesk?

The system automatically looks at how many active users you have on the Axosoft Bug Tracker. This becomes your new user count. But do you have users who only log and monitor bugs or incidents? If that’s the case, then they can submit and view items via the Customer Portal. All Axosoft HelpDesk hosted accounts get an unlimited number of Customer Portal users for free.

Customer portal ticket submission.
Customer portal ticket submission.

So for example,  I initially had 100 users on the Axosoft Bug Tracker. However, 75 of those users only need to submit bugs or tickets. If that’s the case then those 75 users can become 75 Customer Portal users. You get unlimited Customer Portal users for free with Axosoft HelpDesk. That means I only need to pay for 25 users of Axosoft HelpDesk and Axosoft Bug Tracker while keeping access to ticketing for everyone else; great way to save money right?


Will I keep all my information when I upgrade?

Yep. Your defect backlog (along with all your other data) is preserved and unified with whatever combination of modules you decide to use.


What if I don’t want to show all my items to all my customers?

You don’t have to show anyone everything or anything. You have complete control of what is available for Customer Portal users to view thanks to Portal Security Roles.

Fine tune permission with Portal Security Roles.
Fine tune permission with Portal Security Roles.


With Axosoft HelpDesk can my customers report defects and incidents?

With the Customer Portal in Axosoft HelpDesk customer contacts can directly add items to your project.  Axosoft HelpDesk also automatically converts emails into tickets, so customers can email inquires as well. More details can be found in a previous blog post here.


Does email ticketing and Customer Portal support any item types?

Yes! Whether you’re working with feature requests, incidents, bugs, wiki pages or your own custom items, the email-to-ticket automation and customer portal will work for all.


How much is Axosoft HelpDesk?

Axosoft HelpDesk is available for $7/user per month (same for Axosoft Wiki). Axosoft Scrum is available for $10/user per month. You can choose any assortment of modules and each user license will have access to all modules (though that can be limited by security roles). You also get Axosoft Bug Tracker for free with either Axosoft HelpDesk or Axosoft Scrum.


Can I have X number of users on bug tracker and Y number of users on HelpDesk?

Sorry, no. Our user licenses contain all the modules you subscribe to. It’s how we’ve chosen to design the product to maximize the synergy between our four modules.


Speaking of the other modules, of course there’s also Axosoft Scrum and Axosoft Wiki to consider adding to your system. Axosoft Scrum in particular does a fantastic job providing project visibility with its awesome burndowns, the Daily Scrum, and more.

Here's the dashboard with many of the project management gadgets you need.
Here’s the dashboard with many of the amazing project management gadgets you with Axosoft Scrum.


If you have more questions about upgrading, then feel free to shoot us an email at team@axosoft.com. For those of you fond of speaking directly with a human being, you can set up a free 1-1 session to hammer out these queries.

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