Ms. Katan Goes to Washington

Ms. Katan Goes to Washington

Axosoft Evangelist nominated for United State of Women Summit

We are excited to announce that Axosoft Evangelist, Tania Katan, has been nominated and chosen to attend the United State of Women Summit. She will travel to the White House on June 14th and take part in a celebration of achievement, discussions on how the nation is taking actions and moving forward, as well as exploration of key gender equality issues.

Tania Katan and the United States of Women logo

Katan is highly involved with  Axosoft’s #ItWasNeverADress campaign, which went viral and became a launchpad for discussion about women in technology worldwide. She has given countless talks nationwide about how to make sure you are seen and heard in the world.

Katan credits her nomination to her key role in this campaign, but can’t be 100% certain. “They don’t tell you anything,” she says when asked about why she was chosen. “I guess it’s the government mystique, like The Feminine Mystique, only less women in the house.” (insert rimshot here)

Ever the comedian, Katan is straightforward and tells it like it is; which is why the #ItWasNeverADress campaign has resonated with so many people around the globe and why thousands of people gather to see her speak.

“Women need to be seen. Period. This campaign was created as a way to see, hear and celebrate women for the superheroes we are. By reimagining a symbol of the ordinary—the bathroom vector—as a new emblem for the extraordinary, we’ve started a vibrant conversation about the possibilities beyond gender stereotypes.”
Tania Katan, Axosoft Evangelist

Katan will be in great company in Washington DC when she meets with the First Lady (hopefully, fingers crossed!) and many other women who are on a mission to create gender equality and parity.

“I am excited to represent a company whose CEO is a woman within the tech industry; the tech part is worth noting,” says Katan. “Also, because I’m often mistaken for a man (a cute one, I hope) being invited to The United States of Women feels important and delightfully disruptive. Plus, who doesn’t want to meet Michelle Obama?!”

Disruptive is a key word here. Katan’s been known to disrupt just enough to get attention then mic drop after she’s imparted a useful and powerful message. And, she’s taught thousands of girls and women to do that—in their own way.

“Women need to be in leadership positions in technology and across sectors and disciplines,” she imparts. “Technology is where we are now and where we are headed, and anyone who is at the forefront of any enterprise, idea, or movement, shapes how we view that world, so… It’s time to lead.”

Lead, get involved, use your voice; these are the things that Katan professes to little girls, young ladies, and veteran C-Suite executives. Women around the country have used Katan’s advice and message. But what can you do right now in order to start taking the lead? “Take an art class, a creative writing workshop, dance, sing then apply your creativity to solving problems you care about deeply,” offers Katan.


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