Top 9 Git Trends

Top 9 Git Trends

See how other developers are using Git

Ever wonder how you stack up against other Git developers in the industry? Do you sometimes get the sense that you’re somewhere in the middle of the pack when it comes to Git knowledge and experience? We surveyed developers to find answers to these questions, and to discover other Git trends!

Top 9 Git Trends:

1. Well, look at that! Two-thirds of developers consider themselves intermediate Git users.

While the other 21% consider themselves beginners and 13% advanced.

git level

2. Two-thirds of developers use a combination of the CLI and a Git GUI.

22% use a GUI only and 11% use the CLI only. *Cough, cough* GitKraken is a great Git GUI if you don’t want to use the CLI exclusively.

git gui or cli

3. Congrats, Octocat! Over one-third of developers host their Git projects on

Followed by at 24% and at 11%. What do you know, GitKraken integrates with the top 3!

git hosting service

4. Two-fifths of developers use Git on Windows.

36% use Git to develop on Linux and 23% on Mac. We don’t like to pick favorites, so we develop GitKraken for all 3!

operating system

5. Half of Linux developers use Ubuntu as their distribution.

Followed by Debian at 15% and CentOS at 9%. You go Ubuntu!

linux distribution

6. One-sixth of developers use Visual Studio Code as their text editor of choice.

While Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Atom, and Sublime text are all tied at ~15%. Talk about a close race!

text editor

7. Sub-what? Over two-fifths of developers never use submodules.

28% use submodules rarely, 19% do sometimes, 6% do frequently, and 3% always use submodules.


8. Git-where? Almost two-fifths of developers never use Gitflow.

18% use Gitflow rarely, 17% sometimes, 15% frequently, and 12% always use Gitflow.


9. Git-who? Over two-fifths of developers never use Git hooks.

27% rarely use Git hooks, 18% sometimes, 9% frequently, and 4% always use Git hooks.

Git hooks


Survey data based on 642 responses from the GitKraken developer community.

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