Top 5 Hits: Videos for Git Beginners

Top 5 Hits: Videos for Git Beginners

Learn Git and GitKraken with our best videos from the 80s, 90s and today!

Welcome to our most popular videos playlist for learning Git. Here you will find the most instructional (and the most entertaining) ways to get the most out of Git and GitKraken. This playlist is dedicated to all you Git beginners who are ready to start versioning away. Enjoy!

#1: Set the Mood

See how video killed the radio star—or how our Git GUI client stole the hearts of developers across the world. To get a sense of what you’re getting into with GitKraken, watch this quick and humorous 30-second introduction to the Git GUI client that’s an 80s legend and so much more!

#2: Get Started with GitKraken

Have repos ready to init in GitKraken? Watch our GitKraken Tutorial for Beginners, and you’ll have the basics down faster than you can remember your favorite mixtape.

#3: Learn about SSH

Watch this Git tutorial video to learn what SSH is, and how GitKraken uses it to communicate securely. GitKraken and SSH—two tickets to paradise.

#4: Use GitHub with GitKraken

Make yourself comfortable and settle in for one of our most popular videos on how to integrate GitHub and GitKraken. Watch this video to find detailed information on authentication, managing remotes, and working with pull requests.

#5: Implement Gitflow

This is a great 3-minute introduction to the critical process of Gitflow. Watch it now:

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