The Ultimate Scrum Planning Board

The Ultimate Scrum Planning Board

What if you could have a planning board that looked as beautiful as the one below? What if it allowed you to look at your product backlog by item type (defect, feature, tasks or even help desk incidents)? What if it let you look at them by product, version or sprint? What if it let you apply any of your private or public filters? What if it let you group your results by project, assignee, priority, severity or any number of other fields (including custom fields)? What if you could have a color-coded strip along the top of each card that visually told you the priority or the status?

What if you had all of that and more and you could drag-and-drop the cards to change the workflow step of an item or the assignee or the priority?

What if you didn’t have to ask any more what ifs? ALL of that is coming in OnTime V10. Here is a sneak peek screenshot:

OnTime Scrum Planning Board (Task Board)
OnTime 2010 WEB Planning Board

Oh wait, but what if you could have it as both a web application and as a Windows WPF application:

OnTime Scrum Planning Board for Windows
OnTime 2010 WINDOWS Planning Board

Are you excited yet?

You will be! OnTime V10 Beta will be out in February. All customers will have access to the beta when its released. Be sure to purchase OnTime now prior to the price increase at the end of March.

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