The OnTime Project Planning Board Changes Everything!

The OnTime Project Planning Board Changes Everything!

Scrum Project Planning Board

If you are a project manager, scrum master or product owner, drop what you are doing now and watch the video below. The new Planning Board in OnTime 2010 (V10) changes everything you know about project management tools.

It’s a brilliant new way of managing software projects. Each new feature or defect gets an intelligently designed “Card” that is packed with the essential details of each item laid out in an amazingly spacious way. Items can then be filtered and organized in a variety of ways to help project managers and scrum master manage visualize and manage the flow of each item.

But I can’t describe how amazing this is in words. You need to first watch the video, then get your hands on the Beta.

Download OnTime 2010 (V10) Beta 2

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