The Anatomy of a Planning Board Task Card

The Anatomy of a Planning Board Task Card

As you know, I am super excited about the new OnTime 2010 (V10) Planning Board. This new visual interface for viewing work items is an incredibly efficient way of working with, planning, tracking and modifying projects. The planning board makes it exceptionally simple to see what is going on in a project with a quick glance.

What is unique about the OnTime Planning Board in particular is the amount of information that is communicated in that quick glance. First, there is the card itself:

OnTime Planning Board Card

Each card on the planning board is intelligently designed to be clean, yet informative. You can see the assignee, the progress, the priority, the amount of work remaining, the original estimate, the release, the current status in the workflow and even the rating of each item. But even more impressive is all the actions you can take by interacting with each card:

  • Quick Edit – Want to reassign the item to someone else or a different release or change its priority? Just click the area for those fields and a quick edit window will allow you to change those items and more.
  • Log Work – If you just logged a few hours of work on an item, just click the progress bar for that item and enter the time you spent on it. Immediately, the item’s progress bar, amount worked and remaining work are updated to reflect your work.
  • Move it Along Your Process – Is the item ready to go to the next stage in your workflow? Then just drag the item and drop it in the next column and voila! All the actions associated with that workflow step will automatically get executed. Items could be reassigned, email notifications sent, fields could be changed, processes can be launched and much more all with a drag-and-a-drop.

And that’s just each card! When you look at the Planning Board itself, you then see the true potential of this incredible new feature:

From the screenshot above, you can see the workflow that we have designed (#1), the grouping of items by assignee (#2) which includes the details of how many items each person is assigned, # of hours of work done and remaining and you can quick drag-and-drop items from one workflow step to the next (#3).

It simply doesn’t get any better than this! OnTime’s planning board is the world’s most powerful project management tool in existence today. Watch this video to learn more:

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