Tech Companies Changing the Face of Technology

Tech Companies Changing the Face of Technology

Infographic with 33 Must Know Facts About Women in Tech

Did you know that some major tech companies are hiring women at a rate of 238% faster than they are hiring men?

hiring women in tech

Although there are still more men than women in the workplace overall, this means that over the next few years, we will see women influencing technology in a way that has never been done before. If more companies follow suit, it won’t be just a small number of companies paving the way for diversity.

One tech company  reportedly hiring women faster than men is eBay. Self-described as “the world’s online marketplace,” the company welcomes millions of users each month who want to buy and sell goods online. From unwanted Christmas gifts to designer clothing and handbags, almost anything can be purchased on eBay.

For a company like eBay—an online retailer—proper knowledge from both male and female perspectives is very important. At the moment however, the company currently has an employee breakdown of 24% female and 76% male.

Although tech companies are hiring many women, there is some bad news: a total of 56% of female employees leave tech companies midway through their careers for various reasons.

why women leave tech

Here’s the breakdown of those reasons:

  • 30% leave their positions because they are not getting enough pay and believe the working conditions to be poor. As of 2013, it is thought that women earn an average of 18% less than men in the United States, which means there is less of an incentive for women to stay in their roles.
  • 27% leave their jobs in tech because they are unable to manage a healthy work-life balance.
  • 22% simply lose interest in their jobs.
  • 17% of women in technology jobs leave because they don’t like their superiors and co-workers.

For an interesting look at the women in tech landscape, check out this infographic: 33 Must Know Facts About Women in Tech. You’ll find stats, figures and at-a-glance facts about female leaders in the tech world. Also, discover some main factors that could encourage women to maintain their tech roles for a longer period of time.  

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retaining women in tech

Zuzana Padychova helps international SMEs to adapt and execute their global business strategies in local markets. Zuzana is in a team of  Potential Asia digital marketers developing a network of Coupofy online startups across the world. 

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