Announcing Slack Integration with Axosoft

Announcing Slack Integration with Axosoft

Axosoft Slack bot at your service!

Say hello to the new Axosoft Slack bot! If you have a Hosted Axosoft account, this Slack bot will allow you to access information about your Axosoft items without ever leaving Slack.

What can Axosoft Slack bot do?

You can type in get my upcoming items and Axosoft Slack bot will provide you with a list of those items.

upcoming slack items

You can also access your item details by typing in axo and then the item number (I.E. axo19).

item number details

Here’s a handy list of all the commands you can use to interact with Axosoft Slack bot:

slack commands

Show me more!

For more details about Axosoft’s new Slack integration, watch this clip from our v17 webinar.

How do I set it up?

If you’re ready to setup Axosoft Slack bot, follow the instructions below. Remember, Slack integration is only available for Hosted accounts (not Installed/OnPremises accounts).

1. Add the bot to your Slack team:

Click on the button below to add the Slack bot to your account. In the popup window, you can authorize the @axosoft bot, and it will be added as a user in your Slack account. This only needs to be done once for your team.

Add to Slack

2. Enter your Axosoft URL:

The Axosoft Slack bot is a user in your Slack account that can be direct messaged or mentioned in any channel. After adding the bot, the first time you try to get data (like @axosoft get my open items or other commands listed above), it’ll ask you to enter the URL for your Axosoft account and log in. Enter the full URL, and we’ll save it for later to connect to your database.

That’s it! For more information, check out our documentation.

To see the other new features and updates that were made in v17, check out our blog article.

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