HBO’s “Silicon Valley” Shows Off Axosoft Scrum Dashboard

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” Shows Off Axosoft Scrum Dashboard

Did you watch Silicon Valley last night? The popular, critically-acclaimed HBO show has done a great job depicting trials of software development teams, and recently portrayed a transition to Scrum. Though the team started out on a whiteboard with stickies, this weekend we noticed the Hooli offices had graduated to a familiar development tool…

Silicon Valley Hooli Dashboard

That’s the release dashboard for Hooli’s Nucleus project, the competing compression algorithm to the main characters’ Pied Piper. Where have we seen this before? (Hint: We just wrote a blog post about it!)

Axosoft Scrum Dashboard

Yes, we recreated the dashboard with Axosoft and you can clearly see the inspiration! Even the burndown chart labels are the same. It’s cool to see Mike Judge and HBO rely on the #1 Scrum software to help bring Scrum development to a mainstream audience. Interested in taking a spin yourself? Sign up for a 30-day free trial of Axosoft Scrum today.



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