RocketSVN Server and RocketSVN for VS Now Free

RocketSVN Server and RocketSVN for VS Now Free

I’m excited to announce that we have decided to make both RocketSVN Server (Subversion Server for Windows) and RocketSVN for VS (SVN add-in for VS) 100% free. Indefinitely. For unlimited users.

Subversion Add-In for Visual StudioSuversion Server for Windows and IIS

While we have been doing great additions to both open source projects (Ankh and Subversion), we decided it was important not to charge for the work we’ve done. We’re also happy to make the RocketSVN Server source code available on Google Code:

This gives everyone access to the web-based UI and code we’ve written for the Windows Authentication integration to run Subversion on top of IIS.


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