Learning Git: What is a Remote Repository?

Learning Git: What is a Remote Repository?

Beginner Git tutorial video

What is a remote repository?

A remote repository (often called a remote), is a Git repository hosted on the Internet or some other network.

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Cloning a remote creates a local version of that repository on your machine, giving you a sandbox to experiment in without affecting the original codebase.

Cloning also establishes a connection between the local repository on your machine and the remote repository, allowing push and pull actions with the remote project.

Multiple clones of a single remote can be created by other team members, enabling others to collaborate on the same project efficiently and with less risk to the original code.

Working with remotes in GitKraken

GitKraken makes it easy to work with remotes on GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS).

If you want to collaborate on a GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Azure DevOps project, copy the clone URL directly from your service of choice.  We’ll use GitHub as our example below:

Then, open GitKraken, access the folder in the upper left, and under the Clone tab, paste the repo URL.

Alternatively, for an even easier clone, select the integration of choice from the Clone tab:

Once cloned and opened, GitKraken will automatically populate the Remotes Pane on the left, with the name of the remote and its branches.

Now you can make our own changes and push them up to your remote so team members can access your updates!

GitKraken also lets you manually add remotes by clicking the + icon. You can paste either the SSH or HTTPS URL for the repository, to add the remote.

This is great for adding forks of your project to see what changes team members might be working on.

We hope this helps de-mystify remotes and shows just how useful they are for tracking work and collaborating with others.

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