Axosoft Software Review

Axosoft Software Review

(Spoiler Alert: It ROCKS!)

They like us! They really like us! Axosoft is kicking agile ass and helping software developers make a name for themselves in 2015… HUZZAH! We know what you’re thinking, This is Axosoft’s blog, of course they’re gonna toot their own horn, duh.”  So don’t listen to us, listen to the leading reference for project managers,

Axosoft enables users to plan for their product with the tools that can collect all details and information. With the right product backlog, the team can start the needed project, release, version and sprints and bring them to completion. Velocity charts and capacity indicators make sure the estimates and workload are just right. With predefined workflows, users can use Scrum, Kanban or a fully customized one to support a specific type of process. With a visual drag-and-drop Kanban board, they can work on their user stories, defects, or incidents quickly and easily.

Collaboration and Reporting Tools – The Daily Scrum mode provide project managers, Scrum Masters and others the information which tasks have been completed by whom, what they are working on currently, and issues that have come up regarding the tasks. For any updates, customized email notification will make sure everyone is informed. Filters, views and wikis provide the right information for everyone involved. From the dashboard, users can easily see progress with the help of visual information showing burndown charts, velocities, workloads and projections. Reports are generated quickly from any backlog view.

Customer Portal, Integration and more – Axosoft Scrum software puts the customer at the center with a branded Customer Portal. Customers are informed about any specific project, release, wiki or development information. With email-to-ticket automation, canned response, and in-app conversation threads, they will always feel prioritized as their issues are tracked and resolved. Also, the API enables the software to connect to a number of services and tools such as Bugsnag, GitHub, Salesforce, TestLodge, Slack, Visual Studio, Usersnap, and Zendesk.

Read the rest of the Project Management Software Review of Axosoft! And we can’t say anything yet, but, um, well… Zapier!

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