OnTime V9: New Super Dashboard

OnTime V9: New Super Dashboard

In OnTime V9, one of the most exciting features we are adding is a totally re-written customizable project dashboard that is extremely powerful and flexible.

OnTime Project Dashboard

The new dashboard features include:

  • Savable Dashboard Views – As you configure your project dashboard graphs, you can define the number of rows and columns on your dashboard and configure each graph or table that it contains.  Then, you can save the configuration as a view, which can be shared with other users or kept private. This feature makes it extremely easy for project managers to create one or two common dashboard views for their teams.
  • New Burn-Down Charts – The new project dashboard now supports burn-down charts. You can add any number of burn-down charts to your dashboard for any product, release or sprint. Burndown charts can be based on hours, days, weeks or even story points.

Burndown Chart

  • New Treemap Charts – The new treemap chart is a unique way of seeing the really big items in a given milestone, release, product or project. In a treemap graph, the size of each item is represented on the chart based on the estimated amount of work that is required for completion. The color of the item indicates how much of that work has already been completed.

Treemap Chart

  • New Chart Customization – Each of the charts in the project dashboard can now be filtered and grouped to show different types of information. So now you can view trend information or user workloads as a pie chart or bar chart. You can group by assignee, status, priority or other fields too.

Chart Customization

I simply can’t do the new project dashboard justice with this article. The best way to see the new project dashboard is to watch it in action in this Fear The Bug episode (our weekly OnTime series of Video Tutorials) that covers the new Work Log feature and the Project Dashboard coming in OnTime V9.0:

By the way, these features will be included in OnTime V9 Beta 2, which will be released in about a week.

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