New OnTime OnDemand Status Page

New OnTime OnDemand Status Page

Recently, we set up a status page for OnTime OnDemand customers. This provides a quick and easy way to see how OnTime OnDemand instances in data centers around the world are performing. Most of the time you’ll see a beautiful wall of green dots, like in the screenshot below. When issues occur, you’ll see yellow and red dots along with a message (or messages) indicating what’s going on and an ETA for things getting back to normal.

The status page is located at

At which data center is my instance of OnTime located? Good question. We plan on including this information inside of OnTime in a not-too-distant release. In the meantime, be sure to bookmark the status page, check it if you are having any issues, and it’s generally safe to assume that your data center is located in geographical place that is closest to you.

OnTime OnDemand Status
OnTime OnDemand Status Web Page

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