OnTime API App Contest & Great Prizes

OnTime API App Contest & Great Prizes

OnTime API App Competition

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wanting one of the new, almost-MacBook-Air-thin iMacs since the moment you laid your wide eyes on one. Someday, I’ll justify the purchase. The good news for you is that no one ever has to justify winning something.

The bad news for me is that I’m not eligible for this contest. Heck, we’re also giving away two iPad 3s and seven Nexus 7s — that’s 10 prizes in all that will be going out to the 10 best apps submitted in our upcoming API contest. If you’re a smart developer, you’ve probably already beaten me to calculating the odds on winning here…I mean how many apps could be submitted in a contest like this anyway?

Oh, the contest. It might help if I back up and explain a bit.

OnTime RESTful APIs & Developer Website

Recently, with OnTime 13, we launched new RESTful APIs along with a new OnTime Developer Website. This is the beginning phase of a new ecosystem we envision for supporting developers who would like to extend the functionality of OnTime, as well as integrate it with other applications.

The developer website gets you started, provides full documentation, and shows you how to obtain a Vendor API Key (in case you would like to develop apps and integration abilities not limited to your OnTime instance). Check out the site »

The Contest

We’ve kept the contest nice and simple:

What App Should I Make?

The contest is open to any app that utilizes the OnTime RESTful APIs. This can include an integration with a 3rd-party application (like CRM systems, time keeping solutions, accounting software, etc.). Or, you can create a new tool that is designed specifically for OnTime users to help them better manage their backlogs, attachments or any other aspect of the system.

Whatever you decide to develop with OnTime’s APIs, be sure to submit it to us before the deadline, and don’t hesitate to contact your contest liason, Sean Gately, if you have any questions or comments. Sure the prizes are awesome, and the odds of winning are probably going to be super sweet — but the big benefit here is in extending OnTime or helping it to play nice with your other favorite apps.

We look forward to your submissions!

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