My Apple Tablet Predictions

My Apple Tablet Predictions

A quick list of my predictions for Apple’s event later this week:

  • Tablet device with following specs:
    • Apple will not provide CPU or RAM specs as it will consider such specs unimportant (no need to confuse consumers)
    • 10″ display with multi-touch
    • Storage will be flash-based – 64 to 128 GB
    • It will have built-in front-facing camera
    • A new Tablet OS V1.0 will be introduced which will be different front iPhone and Macs (based on OS X, much like iPhone OS)
    • It will have a store (like the App Store) which will sell content such as books, magazines and newspapers in addition to media, apps and games
    • It will be a stand-alone device (in that it will not require a sync with a PC/Mac for content like the iPhone does)
    • It will offer its own version of iLife which will include tablet editions of iTunes and iPhoto
    • 5-Hour Real-Use Battery life (although they might advertise 7 or 8)
    • Built-in Wifi (N)
    • 3G Cell Service capable for both GSM and CDMA networks, but they will not announce the carrier yet (no need until launch)
    • $699 Unsubsidized price or $399 with 3G service + $39/mo
  • The tablet will have keyboard, mouse as well as external display support, but will ship with none of them
  • They will show off the Tablet SDK and invite developers to launch apps and media content for it
  • Launch of device will be in April to June timeframe
  • No mention of anything iPhone related (no iPhone 4.0, Verizon, etc.)

And it will be an awesome device to work with OnTime V10’s new Scrum Planning Board.

What do you think?

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