Field Trip Time!

Field Trip Time!

Mission Montessori 8th Graders Visit Axosoft

At Axosoft, we open our doors to lots of different people and groups in our community. On any given day, we see new faces touring our office, attending events, and hosting their own groups and meetings in our space. It’s not every day though that we get a group of about 30 kids roaming the halls. That’s why we invited the 8th-grade class at Mission Montessori to come visit us, and we pulled out all the stops!

Upon their arrival, we presented them with dozens of pizzas to fill their hungry bellies. We knew that with full tummies they would be ready to fill their minds with new knowledge. That’s when we took them on a tour of our office and taught them about all the different roles that are necessary to help make a tech company run successfully. They were eager to poke their heads in every room and ask questions. I’d have to say their attention peaked though when they saw the gym, the library/gaming room, and the grand finale… An array of nerf guns for their choosing! I mean, what’s a good office tour without an epic nerf battle?

The Periscope recording of the battle

After the adrenaline stopped pumping, we sat down with the kids to give them advice, inspiration and answers to their questions. It was a privilege to be one of the 5 mentors who spoke to these kids. My colleagues who spoke were: 2 senior developers, 1 very recent college grad, and 1 college intern. I was there as a representative for kids interested in working at a tech firm in a role outside of engineering, such as marketing.

I was so impressed with these kids! If you’re not familiar, Mission Montessori schools support the development of children through a curriculum based upon Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy and child development theory, and with an environment designed to help the children:

  1. Increase intellectual abilities
  2. Develop personal autonomy
  3. Practice effective, positive communication skills
  4. Learn constructive decision-making processes
  5. Exercise self-discipline and self-control
  6. Discover the joy of learning that fosters a love of education for life
  7. Feel joyful and self-confident
  8. Choose actions which demonstrate respect for self and others

Basically, these kids are smart, ambitious, amazing kids! I was blown away by their enthusiasm for learning and growing. Half the kids wanted to know if they could get internships at Axosoft—remember these are not college kids, they’re 14-year-olds—and they were dead serious!!

It’s important to stay connected to our community and the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, and rockstars! These kids are our future, and I’m happy to say I think we’re in good hands 🙂

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