Electricity Is Really Just Organized Lightning

Electricity Is Really Just Organized Lightning

Axosoft is in the process of wrangling lightning, which is both impossible and totally exciting!

“Electricity is really just organized lightning.” — George Carlin

Before we get into the bright flash and thunder that Axosoft is igniting… allow me to introduce myself, I’m Tania Katan, and I have no right working for a tech company. I’m pretty sure that’s why Axosoft hired me to be their Brand Evangelist. Lots of companies are like, “YEAH, we want employees who think outside of the box!” “We’re totally innovative!” Then they post a job, wait for the perfect match, or worse, a regurgitation of the requisite qualifications—going so far as to eject your resume from the system if your words don’t match theirs. Boring.

So, my resume includes a lot of arts and culture, which means I’m in for anything involving creative writing, performing or producing! I’ve performed on the Comedy Central stage, given a TEDx talk, told a story on NPR Snap Judgment, produced storytelling events, written a book, and some other stuff too. All this to say, I’m thrilled to be at a wildly creative software company that takes the word innovative to the nth power!

Speaking of power, there’s an electric storm that’s ready to strike the Axosoft blog:

We are gathering the ENTIRE Axosoft team to share tips, tricks, and insights with you through our NEWLY redesigned blog! Developers will be blogging about coding, agile and Scrum, gaming, and why they like working in the dark. Customer Success will give you video tutorials on project management and leveling workloads for your development team, as well as, sharing photos of their Wookiee in questionable locations. Marketing will hook you up with best practices and photos of AxoDogs. Sales will tell you EVERYTHING you always wanted to know about potential customers (but were afraid to ask).

We’ll be sharing cool culture stuff too, like participating in (and hopefully surviving) the Wild Canyon Games, growing herbs (basil and sage, duh), Arizona Gives Day, and our booth at the Global Scrum Gathering.

So… Check out our new blog digs, let us know what you think and always let us know what you need from Axosoft! We’re here for you. Unless we’re sleeping, but other than that…

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