#ItWasNeverADress CODE

#ItWasNeverADress CODE

No Skirt, No Shoes, No Problem.

Axosoft’s #ItWasNeverADress campaign remixed the well-known stereotype of the women’s bathroom sign to invite discussion around gender assumptions. Another recent campaign, #ILookLikeAnEngineer, took off across the world as a response to the backlash to OneLogin’s female representation in their own ad campaigns (you can learn more about this campaign in this Huffington Post article). Such campaigns remind us that there is no one look or stereotype to which women in tech need to conform.

So, how about the Axosoft employees themselves? With no dress code in place, how do the women at Axosoft choose to showcase their style? Find out in my impromptu interviews with the ladies of Axosoft…



Sara BreedingSara Breeding – Marketing Unicorn

MM (that’s me, Mona Munoz): Describe your personal style.

SB: I try to keep it classy in between the days that I show up to work in yoga pants for workout classes.

MM: Nothin’ wrong with yoga pants!

SB: I feel like you’re making fun of me.

MM: Next question! What fashion advice would you give your younger self?

SB: Don’t be afraid to wear heels, even if you’re tall!!

MM: Excellent advice!



Lawdan ShojaeeLawdan Shojaee – CEO

MM: What word best captures your fashion style?

LS: Eclectic

MM: Ohhh, good word.

LS: Well I’m not bohemian, but I can be, not punk rock, but I can be, high fashion… yes, I am.

MM: Alright, who inspired this eclectic style of yours?

LS: Madonna

MM: Ok, ‘nough said.



Jessica PerkinsJessica Perkins – Accounting Guru

MM: What would you call this style you’re wearing today?

JP: Sporadic, it really varies each day depending on what I’m going to do on that particular day.

MM: What do you most appreciate about your style and working in the tech industry?

JP: Dressing up every day at accounting firms for so many years makes me really appreciate the ability to wear whatever I want for whatever event.



Arielle HurstArielle Hurst – Marketing Content Composer

MM: Okay you have a fun style, what would you call it?

AH: I guess a fancy way to say it is Vintage, but really it’s second hand, seriously this shirt used to belong to my mom.

MM: Really?! It’s not that old and looks super cute.

AH: You should have seen it before I removed the shoulder pads.

MM: When did you become vintage?

AH: Last couple of years, actually after I watched the New Girl.

MM: Is that the tv show with Zooey Deschanel?

AH: That and Pinterest.



Laura HinsleyLaura Hinsley – Sales Wonder Woman

MM: What am I looking at here Laura? What’s your style?

LH: It varies every day! But let’s say, Modern Casual?

MM: Perfect! What do you love about working in tech when it comes to your modern casual style?

LH: I love that it lets me be more creative, instead of the same old professional look. Here I can branch out and try new things, not the same old same old boring sales apparel I used to wear.



Kristin BurkartKristin Burkart – Design Wizard

MM: Describe this style!

KB: Comfy, very comfortable, I’m all about the comfy.

MM: Has this always been your style? How did you dress as a kid?

KB: Well my mom had a big say in my style, so I was always in a lot of leggings and hair scrunchies.

MM: You’re wearing leggings today.

KB: Huh, I guess mom really had a lasting effect on me!



Tania KatanTania Katan – Curator of Code

MM: I have a feeling you’re going to have my favorite answer to this question. How would you describe your style?

TK: Mature woman meets boy band.

MM: And I was right. What’s the hardest part about having this mature woman meets boy band style in the tech industry?

TK: Lots of competition from all the boys that work here.

MM:… I’m gonna end there.



Christina LopezChristina Lopez – Design Creative Upriser

MM: Describe your fashion style.

CL: Influx? I don’t know, can I get back to you?

MM: Of course! (she never got back to me). Do you influence your daughter’s style or does she decide it on her own?

CL: Well I buy her clothes so I have some say, but she’s pretty good at matching and picking out what she likes. Her style is very bright, sensible, poppy-like, much more fashion forward than me.



Shae MorrisShae Morris – The Inter-Department Liaison

MM: What would you call your fashion style?

SM: Geeky Chic

MM: And what’s your signature piece?

SM: Cute cotton dresses, I have tons of them and love them. And since I started here I’ve developed a strong attraction to bold necklaces.

MM: I’m guessing the Axosoft Necklace Wall has been a factor in that attraction.

SM: YES, I seriously love that thing!!



Lindsay BayukLindsay Bayuk – Product Nerd

MM: How would you describe your style?

LB: Polished All American or Classic.

MM: Is there a certain American fashion area you’d like to see come back? Please don’t say 70’s bell bottoms.

LB: No bell bottoms, but maybe the 1950’s. Not in the misogynistic way, but the classic designs, loved those dresses with the collars.

MM: Favorite fashion icon from back then?

LB: Easy, Katharine Hepburn.



Ashley McMahonAshley McMahon – Sales

MM: How would you describe your style?

AM: It’s Eclectic.

MM: Favorite eclectic piece?

AM: Hats

MM: How does working in the tech industry help your eclectic style?

AM: It’s great, let’s me be me, and I can wear my hats.



Whitney NelsonWhitney Nelson – Accounting Minion

MM: What is this adorable style called?

WN: Flirt! My style is relaxed Cali Classic, stay true to the classic cuts and shapes but with a few hints of current fashion. I also like my looks to go from day to night with just a few changes of accessories.

MM: Okay you have a couple teenage nieces, what fashion advice do you give them?

WN: Wear shorts that actually cover your butt cheeks!

MM: Is this a big problem?

WN: We can’t have a family dinner where I don’t see butt cheeks most of the night!



LauraLee FloresLauraLee Flores – User Experience Designer

MM: How would you describe your style?

LF: Relaxed

MM: You look very relaxed. How does working in the tech industry influence your relaxed style?

LF: The casual and fun culture of the tech industry allows me to dress in a way that’s comfortable.

MM: Best fashion advice you were ever given?

LF: Be yourself.



Tishin DonkersleyTishin Donkersley – AZ Tech Beat Editor

MM: What’s your style Tishin?

TD: Ocean Chic. Everything natural, comfortable,and blue, like the ocean.

MM: What’s your one fashion item you can’t say no to?

TD: Chucks!

MM: I have no idea what that is.

TD: Converse! Chuck Taylors. I have tons. And the great thing about working in the tech industry is it allows me to express myself, indirectly, through my shoes!



Amy AyresAmy Ayres – Developer

MM: What would you say is your fashion style?

AA: Tech Friendly, if it looks and feels comfy, I wear it.

MM: I think the answer is clear, but does being a developer in a tech company affect your style?

AA: Yes, if I came in all dressed up the other developers would look at me like, “What the heck Amy, where’s the party?!”.

MM: Really? That’s a little sad.

AA: Well I may exaggerate, they probably wouldn’t even notice! But it’s nice not to be expected to bring your fashion A game every day.



Mona MunozMona Munoz – Office Girl Friday

MM: Mona, how would you describe your style?

MM: Thanks for asking Mona, I know no one will believe me, but I’m very much Bohemian or like a Boho-Chic.

MM: I’m not seeing that.

MM: I know! Axosoft has so many great daily fitness classes I want to attend, so I find it easier to just wear workout clothes every day.

MM: So you could say working for a tech company, that offers such great benefits, is hurting your style.

MM: It is, it really is.


I love the diversity that has been created by the culture at Axosoft, and we’re always looking for more unique and talented people to join our team!

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