Introducing GitKraken Pro

Introducing GitKraken Pro

New product edition raises funds for open source diabetes project

As a product guy (and the official VP of Product at Axosoft), it’s always super exciting for me when we launch something new. Today, I have a couple of exciting announcements. Let’s jump right in, and then I’ll give you a little background about each announcement.

GitKraken and Nightscout logos
Axosoft is teaming up with the Nightscout Foundation to help raise money for an open source diabetes project.

Upgrade to GitKraken Pro

Ok, so let’s get into the announcement details!

GitKraken and GitKraken Pro

About two years ago, Axosoft started work on a Git client that would change the way developers interact with Git. While the Git Command Line Interface (CLI) provides a powerful means of interacting with Git repositories, it’s also a maze of convoluted, verbose commands that are hard to remember and extremely error prone, which make it difficult to harness the power of Git.

A couple of my colleagues at Axosoft felt there was a much better, more visual way to interact with Git and to see the history of interactions. The result was the introduction of GitKraken about a year ago.

Axosoft has made a huge bet on GitKraken, investing millions in its development, and we are hell-bent on making GitKraken the #1 Git client in the world. Based on user reactions and the feedback we’ve been getting, we are well underway to achieving that goal:

But the number one question we hear from users is, “how are you going to pay for GitKraken’s development?” Fortunately, Axosoft has been successful enough to have invested in GitKraken development thus far and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

But to really make sure GitKraken can stand on its own and enjoy the attention and resources it deserves, we are introducing GitKraken Pro, a paid edition of GitKraken that is targeted at professional developers.

There are so many exciting things we have planned for GitKraken and GitKraken Pro, but for now, here is a handy-dandy comparison chart to see the current differences in the products:

Pro v free comparison graphic

Upgrade to GitKraken Pro

Diabetes and The Nightscout Foundation

It has been a long-time belief of Axosoft that corporations have a social obligation to help improve the world. With the launch of GitKraken Pro, we saw the opportunity to help raise money and increase awareness for an important nonprofit that is helping people and families affected by Type 1 diabetes.

Why diabetes? Well, because one of my favorite software developers, and friend, Scott Hanselman has lived with Type 1 diabetes all of his life. If you don’t already know him, Scott is a prominent member of the development community, a brilliant speaker, and an all-around great human being. Scott’s presentations are among the best I have ever seen because they are not only highly educational, but they are insanely funny—as in stand-up comedian-level of funny!

I approached Scott to ask about which diabetes non-profit we should help support, and without hesitation, he recommended the Nightscout Foundation.

The Nightscout Foundation is helping support the creation and distribution of open-source diabetes management systems that are making a real difference in people’s lives. With this promotion, we hope to accelerate the impact the Nightscout Foundation is having in the lives of those affected by diabetes.

The Nightscout Foundation exists to encourage and support the creation of open source technology projects that enhance the lives of people with Type 1 diabetes.

There is no upper limit to how much money Axosoft will donate to the Nightscout Foundation through the first month’s revenues of GitKraken Pro.

The most exciting aspect of this partnership is the awareness this promotion can create within the software development community. Because much of the work of the Nightscout Foundation is about building open source tools for the diabetes community, some GitKraken users might be in a great position to help build some of those tools.

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