Inspiring Resolutions from Women in Tech

Inspiring Resolutions from Women in Tech

#ItWasNeverADress Community Shares 2019 Goals

Here we are at the start of yet another year, and the term ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ is buzzing. It’s common for women to feel the societal pressures of constant self-improvement; whether it’s earning that promotion, losing those last five pounds, spending more time with family, cooking healthier meals (or cooking at all…), or expanding your professional network, our intentions are always respectable.

But then one month goes by and we forget about the goal we set for ourselves for the year ahead. Or we realize it was never realistic or attainable.

For this year, we’ve solicited real-life resolutions from women in tech and our #ItWasNeverADress community and hope we can collectively inspire you to reach your 2019 goals!

Minimizing Clutter

“In 2019, I am trying to focus on the finer things in life.  Studies show that minimizing the “clutter” in your life can actually help reduce stress and increase productivity so I am giving up all non-essential shopping, including clothing, shoes, houseware, you name it for a full year. (I can sense my Amazon Prime account crying.) Instead my focus will be directed towards traveling, spending time with family, and doing activities I enjoy.”

MJ Patent is the Senior Marketing Manager of Global Lifecycle Management Services at TechData in Tempe, AZ

Raising Other Women Up

A cause very near and dear to our #ItWasNeverADress hearts is empowering those around you, especially when we’re talking about women in STEM.

“To transfer my STEM program for girls to my alma mater.”

-L.R., St. Franklin, Pennsylvania

“Continue to advocate for STEM and women in trades.”

-D.S., Karratha, Western Australia

“Advocate for my students and find them more college opportunities”

-M.G, Sun City, Arizona

“Continue standing up against sexism, racism, and ableism.”

-A.S., Dortmund, Germany

“Set up more internal networking opportunities to increase the female quota in management positions.”

-S.R., Vienna, Austria

Be a Continuous Learner

“I did a complete career pivot a few years back, changing from event management into front-end web design. I’ve already learned and taught myself A LOT of new things, but I want to continue to increase my expertise and hone my craft. I want to be a continuous learner and remember there is no ceiling to how far I can expand my knowledge.”

-Diane Lo is a Web Designer at Axosoft (she does all the work on our GitKraken website too!)

Finally Put My Feelings First

“My New Year resolution is to finally putting my feelings and needs first and remove people in my list who try to steal my sunshine. We only have one life to live (and I’m halfway through mine), so I’m going to make the best of the time I have left.”

-D.A., Smyrna, Delaware

Being Present

Being present and limiting digital communication were common themes. Even as a tech company, we understand the need for interpersonal connections and in-person interactions.

“I will be more present with the people I love and spend less time on my phone.”

-A.G., Ellington, Connecticut

“Moving away from digital communications and going back to face-to-face.”

-E.A., Ontario, Canada

Seeing with My Heart

“I just watched Eat, Pray, Love for the first time. Through my work, I’m lucky enough to travel to different countries and collaborate with lots of software engineers. So this year, I’m going to stop seeing with my eyes, and start seeing with my heart. Because there is always more than what meets the eye!”

Ruth Vela, Manager of International Engineering Teams, Nextiva

Focusing on Mental Health

There were several responses from our community related to improving mental health and achieving happiness, two things that are often overlooked, particularly by women.

“Let go of frustration and ultimately be happier.”

-S. P., Merced, California

“To live deliberately.”

-L.C., Melbourne, Australia

“To continue to learn the lessons life presents to me. Soaking up moments and living in the now. Loving others for who they are. Forgiving when necessary.”

-C.D., Kennewick, Washington

Go Take 2019 By Storm

We hope this collective list of goals from women across the world will help you identify your 2019 resolution and make this year one of the best yet.

When you’re feeling low and undervalued, just remember: #ItWasNeverADress. There’s a superhero inside of all of us. Now go unlock your powers!

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