Hallosoft… Axoween… Halloween at Axosoft

Hallosoft… Axoween… Halloween at Axosoft

If you’ve gotten a glimpse into Axosoft culture, you know we like to tack on “Axo” to as many words as possible (I.E. AxoCulture). Anyways, call it Axoween or whatever you like – we hope you had an amazing Halloween, ’cause we sure did!

Participation was high this year at our annual costume contest. Even Axosoft was not safe though from the Frozen pandemonium sweeping the nation… yes… Elsa, Olaf, Anna and Kristoff made an appearance!

Axosoft Halloween Costumes

The AxoGirls of the office kicked it up by going the superhero route – of course adding their own flare with handmade tutus!  You know, there’s nothing fancier than a Thor in a tutu.

However, AxoGents were not to be outdone. Some went the route of video game characters (Luigi and Payday), some were tv and movie characters (Top Gun Maverick and The Office Three Hole Punched Jim). Some even  joined the ladies in the superhero theme; we had a Deadpool, Tony Stark (Axosoft founder Hamid), and a rather dashing Captain America (see adorable puppy in photo).

But the winner of them all was Hodor and Bran from Game of Thrones… or as we like to call him, John!

Hodor and Bran, Game of Thrones


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