Google Chrome Makes OnTime Scream

Google Chrome Makes OnTime Scream

With the release of Google’s Chrome browser, one question comes to mind:

How is this kind of performance possible?

With browsers now being a 15-year old technology, how is it that a newcomer to the game can radically change the performance of a browser by nearly doubling the normal performance? Google’s achievement with Chrome is absolutely remarkable. It would be similar to a relatively new car company making a sports car that all of a sudden performed at 400 MPH rather than the typical 200 MPH obtained by Ferrari and Lamborghini.

For applications such as Axosoft’s OnTime, Google’s Chrome is heaven-sent. I am absolutely thrilled with the performance of OnTime under the Chrome browser. In generally, nearly ALL operations are twice as fast. Everything from applying a filter to changing a project to adding or editing an item is very noticeably faster with Chrome. This translates to an exceptional user experience. While Chrome is still a V1.0 Beta browser, it has already made it to our list of “must-work-with” browsers for OnTime’s testing.

The above chart provides a short sampling of the amount of time (in seconds) various operations take in OnTime with Internet Explorer 7, FireFox and Chrome (smaller numbers means faster load-time).

My prediction (and a bet with a colleague) is that Google’s Chrome will easily enjoy > 25% market share by the end of 2009. I think that number is actually very conservative.

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