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GitKraken Now 100x Artsier

New digital artwork featured on the site

What do you get when you cross a traveling salesman with a Kraken? Art. You get art.

GitKraken v2.5 is now 3x faster than SourceTree, and is 100x artsier. We’ve combined our love for art and technology and launched a brand new version of our website. Turns out we have a lot of digital artists at Axosoft! One of which is Kyle Smith, a GitKraken developer, a master at digital mark-making, and our first featured artist on the website.

GitKraken v2.5 Featured Artwork

Kyle has been an artist since he started doodling in high school. “My default doodle was a single squiggly line that tightly curved around itself, which from a distance just looked like one large shape,” said Kyle.

He reminisces, “When I began programming, I loved the idea of one day reproducing my high school doodles with code.” So, he started to learn about computer generated art in college, and after graduation, Kyle stumbled upon a paper that described exactly what he wanted to do: turn an image into points on a grid (in a way that resembles stipple art), then connect them using a solution to the traveling salesman problem. He implemented the process in JavaScript and created an SVG, which when animated with vivus, made the image appear to be drawn.

*Knock Knock* Enter Traveling Salesman

The traveling salesman problem (TSP) is a well-known problem in which one must find the shortest route between a set of cities, where each city is visited once and only once. “The great thing about an optimal solution to a 2D traveling salesman problem is that the lines are proven to never cross. So, like my early doodles, this gives images the effect of lines tightly curving around themselves,” said Kyle.

However, rather than creating a single path, as the paper describes, he split the image into many paths. Now, when the svg is animated with vivus, multiple paths are drawn at once, creating a more visually interesting animation.
v2.5 featured artwork
Like I said, we have a lot of digital artists at Axosoft, and it got us thinking that we probably have a lot more in our community too. So, we invite you to create a GitKraken-inspired digital art piece that could be featured on Check out our submission guidelines, and get to it!

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