GitKraken vs SourceTree

GitKraken vs SourceTree

Which Git GUI should you use?

Software developers, students, and a few sea creatures have spoken. In our recent survey, GitKraken was voted top dev tool for 2017 and 2018. If you use Git for version control, you should definitely check out our Git GUI!

You might, however, be on the fence; maybe you’re Git-curious, but not sure whether to ‘commit’ (sorry) to a GUI. After all, there are several out there. Which one should you choose? If you’re still deciding which Git client is best for you, perhaps this helpful flowchart will point you in the right direction. Take a look to see how SourceTree and GitKraken compare!

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Now, why did so many of the developers we surveyed say that GitKraken is a vital tool in their development workflow? Here are a few ways that GitKraken outshines SourceTree:

  1. SourceTree doesn’t support Linux (⅕ of the developer community). GitKraken, on the other hand, will dutifully manage your Git projects without bias toward your operating system. Windows, Mac and Linux users rejoice!
  2. GitKraken’s interface is simple, intuitive and customizable with light and dark themes. If you’re going to use a GUI, it should look good! You’re worth it! Treat yourself!
  3. One-click undo! What Git client can do that? Certainly not SourceTree (or even the CLI for that matter).
  4. Resolve merge conflicts with more control over which bits of code to include by using GitKraken’s built-in merge tool. With SourceTree it’s “mine,” “theirs,” or open another application.
  5. Use the input methods you’re most comfortable with. Execute actions using drag-and-drop, or stick to the keyboard and switch repos, check out branches, etc. with GitKraken’s Fuzzy Finder and Command Palette. This is something you can also do in SourceTr– oh no, you can’t.
  6. The graph in GitKraken is not only a beautiful representation of your work, it is also a highly functional tool for managing your branches and commits. Interact directly with branches and commits when you merge with drag-and-drop, create branches, or revert commits. If you’re collaborating on a project, avatars act as visual markers that let you know who committed work. Icons on branch labels show which remotes and PRs they belong to.
  7. GitKraken Pro is one of the apps available through the GitHub Student Developer Pack, meaning students get access to GitKraken Pro’s features (including profile switching and the ability to edit merge conflict outputs in-app) for free.

So, what’re you waiting for? Switch from SourceTree or your current Git GUI to GitKraken Pro, and take advantage of our promo to get $20 off!

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