GitKraken v1.8

GitKraken v1.8

Welcome to the left panel, we’ve got fun and games!

Are there any Guns N’ Roses fans in the house? Anyone? You over there in the corner—yeah you, what was the name of the amazing guitarist who wore a top hat and even though he wasn’t the lead singer, somehow managed to outshine Axl Rose?

Yes, it’s Slash! Good job!

slash keif

Why are we talking about Slash? Well, because our left panel keeps improving with every release and for v1.8, it’s all about the slash.

You’ll remember in our last release, v1.7, we made significant performance improvements to the left panel, which made life much better for everyone. Now, we’re introducing folders to the famed left panel.

Folder Hierarchy

If you have slashes in your branch, GitKraken will simply build a folder hierarchy for you.

GitKraken will be a folder hierarchy for you in the left panel.

GitKraken will build a folder hierarchy for you in the left panel.

News like this is so glorious, it’s just like hearing that sweet opening riff to Sweet Child O’ Mine. You should probably listen to it now just to remember how good it is. We’ll wait.


Okay, you’re back! And you’re already familiar with the fuzzy finder: another one of our helpful features that makes it easier and quicker to find things. Now, we’ve simply taken that functionality and applied it to the left panel as well.

You’ll notice that a new search box has been ever so delicately placed at the top of that left panel. So, you can use cmd or ctrl+ shift + F to find what you’re looking for. Suddenly you’re a rockstar…but with code, not a guitar!

Filtering has been added to the left panel. It's So Easy.

Filtering has been added to the left panel. It’s So Easy.

No more clicking, scrolling, cursing or wondering where your branches, remotes, pull requests, etc. are. Don’t Breakdown. Now you can simply filter with the search box. Oh, oh, oh, sweet love of mine!

Run on over to the release notes to read more. They won’t let you down like perhaps The Spaghetti Incident? did.

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