New GitKraken Pricing + Enterprise

New GitKraken Pricing + Enterprise

Lower pricing for individual subscriptions + an offline solution

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Free Git Client for Public Repos

Our intent has always been to offer the GitKraken Git Client free of charge for students and those working on open-source projects. Since the inception of the product, we’ve always had a free version. Recently, we made a change to the free version of GitKraken so it can only open public repos. For anything else, you need a paid version.

This allows GitKraken’s free version to be used for open-source projects. And students are able to get GitKraken Pro free as part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

GitKraken Individual Pricing

At $49 per user per year, GitKraken Pro is already the least expensive Git client on the market, but for individual users, we are reducing the barrier even further. We’ve introduced a new plan that’s only $29 per year for individuals! So, for less than $2.42 per month, anyone can purchase GitKraken and use it however they want: for personal use, for commercial use, for non-profit work… whatever!

GitKraken Pro Pricing

If you’re working with a team of up to 9 people, GitKraken Pro is $49 per user per year; that’s about $4 per month! If you have a team of 10-99 people, the cost goes down to $47/user/year. And for teams of 100+, the price is $45/user/year.

GitKraken Pro accounts come with additional features for the GitKraken Git Client and Glo Boards.

Feature Comparison

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GitKraken Enterprise Pricing

GitKraken Enterprise is very similar to GitKraken Pro in terms of features, but it’s accessible behind a firewall or in an offline environment.

The way the GitKraken Git Client works is that it communicates with GitKraken servers to provide a number of services, including account and user management, authentication services, and updates to the client.

But for some organizations, having the GitKraken client communicate with outside servers is not an option. GitKraken Enterprise is hosted on your internal servers and allows your IT team to manage user licenses.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for a team of 10+ people, contact our Sales team!

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