GitKraken Pricing Clarification

GitKraken Pricing Clarification

An announcement from the VP of Product.

If you’ve been following GitKraken for some time, you already know that GitKraken is quickly becoming the best Git client for both beginner and advanced Git users. This week, we passed another major milestone: 250,000 GitKraken users! That’s an incredible accomplishment considering the product is less than a year old.

Axosoft set out to build a Git client that truly helps software engineers be more productive. To do that, we needed to make sure that everything software engineers do in Git is faster in GitKraken. If we can save you a few minutes here and there by making it easier to do commits, resolve conflicts, pull down repos, or undo a Git mistake, then you in turn can spend more time doing what you do best: writing great code!

The question is, are GitKraken users actually saving time by using GitKraken? So, we asked our users. More than 400 respondents (our users) reported that, on average, they save more than 15 minutes per day by using GitKraken! Imagine that. That’s more than 60 hours per year or about a week and a half of productivity increase, every year, just by using GitKraken.

Now that’s a competitive advantage!

So to ensure long-term sustainability and continued development of GitKraken, we decided that commercial users of GitKraken need to go with the paid version of the product.* GitKraken Pro is already embraced and relied on by developers at many well-respected brands, which are known for their leadership.

These companies know that taking advantage of every competitive advantage is a must when it comes to software development:

GitKraken Pro Customers

*In summary, we have made the following changes to the GitKraken pricing policy:

  • GitKraken continues to be free for non-commercial use (personal, open source, nonprofit or educational use).
  • GitKraken Pro is now required for commercial use.
  • It’s OK to try GitKraken in commercial environments for you and your entire team before upgrading to Pro; by all means, make sure the product is a good fit first.
  • Software startups with fewer than 20 employees, that are younger than one year, can also use GitKraken for commercial use without upgrading to Pro.
  • Of course, anybody can upgrade to GitKraken Pro and benefit from the improved feature set.

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