GitKraken Meetup Package

GitKraken Meetup Package

Share GitKraken with your dev community

Here at Axosoft, we’re passionate about supporting the development community. For 13 years we’ve been helping grow the tech ecosystem in Arizona by opening up our space to Meetup groups, sponsoring and speaking at local events, and partnering with like-minded organizations. When we can, we also travel to speak at conferences and connect with developers across the globe.

However, what we really want is to be able to connect with devs outside of just our local community more consistently. So we thought, what better way to do that than by supporting your local developer Meetup groups with all the best goodies! Here’s what our new GitKraken Meetup Package includes:

GitKraken Meetup Package

GitKraken Meetup Package

  • Food and drinks budget of $200
  • GitKraken stickers for all attendees
  • Several GitKraken shirts for giveaways
  • GitKraken Pro promo code for $10 off a 1-user GitKraken Pro annual account, for every attendee
  • Our GitKraken Cheat Sheet

Developer Meetup Requirements

We know it won’t be possible for us to send packages to every Meetup (unfortunately), so we’ve put together some basic requirements that your developer group must meet in order to be eligible to receive a package:

  • Must be an established Meetup (or group) with a publicly accessible page
  • Must be a developer-focused event
  • Must have 40+ attendees regularly

We also ask that you help us spread the word about GitKraken by playing our Intro to GitKraken video during your Meetup and tweeting @GitKraken with a photo of the Meetup and your Meetup hashtag if there is one.

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