GitKraken’s Fuzzy Finder Gives you Focus

GitKraken’s Fuzzy Finder Gives you Focus

Have you ever lost your glasses or forgotten your contacts? (If you have perfect vision, congrats to you, but please stay with me). In your glassesless search around your house, did you grope for a lamp only to find it was your cat or last night’s Chinese takeout? Regardless, you know how annoying it is to not be able to search successfully for specific items.

You also know the feeling of finding your glasses, seeing clearly, and going back to being a productive human. This is what GitKraken’s new Fuzzy Finder does for you. It helps you search and find what you need super fast (without mistakenly handling old Chinese food).

In Search Of

So back in the day when there wasn’t online dating, there were newspaper ads that lonely singles posted which typically started with the letters ISO—standing for In Search Of.

Singles would describe their perfect person and include a phone number. If you embodied that description and you happened to be single and you happened to be reading the ad, and you happened to feel like calling a strange number, you just might meet and fall in love.

There’s a lot of chance at play there. Luckily, technology has evolved, dating apps eventually appeared and now it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. Although our Fuzzy Finder won’t get you a date, you can find what you want within about 2-3 keystrokes.

In order to use Fuzzy Finder:

  1. Hit cmd + p (Mac); ctrl + p (Windows and Linux)
  2. See the empty input at the top of the screen? Cool. Start typing the action you want to take (open repo, checkout, or history), or just a repo, branch, or file name. GitKraken will list suggested actions and items, even with incomplete words.
  3. Identify what you’re looking for and choose it.
  4. Congrats. You just saved yourself a bunch of time. Continue with life as you were.

According to Justin Roberts, UI/UX Lead for GitKraken at Axosoft, “You can start typing what you want to do and GitKraken will intelligently give you a list of options for what you can do. For example, if you start typing “O” GitKraken knows you probably want to open a repo.”

He continues, “It will show  a list of your repos prefixed with “Open Repo:” from there you can either arrow down to the repo you are looking for or keep typing to refine your search down to one specific option”

Fuzzy Finder searching
The Fuzzy Finder in action

As you probably know, many modern applications use this technique for searching. But the big deal for GitKraken users is it speeds up everything you do right in the application.

“This is especially helpful for users who have tons of repos,” says Roberts. “For users who work on a lot of different projects it gets tedious to always go back to the Open menu, scroll through the list of repos, find the one you want to open and switch back and forth. Now you don’t have to.”

The Future is Fuzzy (but Clear)

So, now you know that you can search in-app and quickly find a command, but did you know that GitKraken is the only Git client with this feature? Yep, we’re pretty proud! Just remember cmd/ctrl + p. P—for “Procure” not “Print” (because what are you printing anyway? It’s 2016.)

“Now that we have this functionality we can add things to it,” explains Roberts. “We can continue to expand as we find places to optimize workflow. So if we find out that users are always doing one specific action repeatedly and going through the UI takes a little bit more time, we can make that task a little more accessible. We’re excited by the possibilities this will provide GitKraken users to become more productive users of Git.”

In Search Of saving time with the hottest Git client on the market? Check out GitKraken. You just may find the love of your life.

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