GitKraken Enterprise vs GitKraken Pro

GitKraken Enterprise vs GitKraken Pro

Choosing your Git GUI based on your security needs and requirements

GitKraken Enterprise? GitKraken Pro? How you use GitKraken will be primarily based on your security requirements and preferences.

Our Enterprise Customers

GitKraken Enterprise git client requirements

Government agencies, financial institutions, and hospitals are examples of customers that benefit from our Enterprise solution.

Our Enterprise Customers:

  • Work in a sequestered, intranet environment where security requirements dictate that computers do not communicate outside of the company network.
  • Manage user authentication on their network, and update GitKraken versions on their own schedule.
  • Host a Linux server running a local version of GitKraken’s server functions.

GitKraken Enterprise and GitKraken Pro do offer the same functionality, but our GitKraken Pro users have a different network configuration and security requirements from the Enterprise model.

Our Pro Customers

GitKraken Pro git client requirements

Our GitKraken Pro customers are spread across many industries and include companies such as Apple, PayPal, Netflix, Starbucks, Ford, and SAP.

Our Pro Customers:

  • Integrate their remote repositories with products such as GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.
  • Manage subscriptions and users on our server.
  • Get automatic software updates installed on Windows and Mac. GitKraken Linux users are notified with the message below, in the lower left-hand corner of their app, when updates are available.
GitKraken update button for Linux

Which is the Right Choice?

Enterprise or Pro, it’s really a matter of where you keep your repositories and user info. What are your security needs and preferences? If your assets are all in-house, let GitKraken Enterprise help you. Repositories live away from home? Go Pro.

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