GitKraken Pro Joins GitHub Student Developer Pack

GitKraken Pro Joins GitHub Student Developer Pack

Students get free access to the best developer tools!

Often times, high caliber tools can be cost prohibitive for students. That’s why GitHub—home to the largest open source community in the world—is collaborating with partners like Axosoft, to solve this problem.

We are super excited to announce that GitKraken Pro, our luxurious Git GUI client, is now available free of charge for students as part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack. GitKraken joins the ranks of notable development tools such as Atom, Microsoft, Stripe and Unreal Engine, to name a few.

At Axosoft (the creators of GitKraken) we have always been strong proponents of education in the tech space. In addition to providing educational resources for students, Axosoft has continuously worked hard to provide free tools aspiring students need to advance their development skills.

If you’re already using GitHub to host your repositories, you’ll be glad to know that GitKraken integrates with GitHub. This means you can work collaboratively on a GitHub-based remote repo without switching back and forth between your Git client and your web browser! And when you’re working in GitKraken, you can create pull requests from within the app.

Students also get access to GitKraken’s built-in merge tool with syntax highlighting, and because you’re getting Pro features, you have access to the merge tool editor. This robust output editor enables you to fine-tune your code without ever leaving the app.

So, stop switching between tools; now you can seamlessly use GitHub with GitKraken to concentrate on the task at hand and not have to worry about pulling yet another all-nighter to meet your deadline!

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