New Study Finds Bright Future for Help Desk Solutions

New Study Finds Bright Future for Help Desk Solutions

Customer experience is now the top priority for most companies, even more so than product innovation

A new report by the help desk research and analysis consultancy Software Advice shows that a majority of companies are looking to improve or expand their help desk offerings.  Among companies who plan to change their spending, 84% stated their intention to increase investment in help desk software. The majority cited their need to add new features to keep up with the increasing service expectations of customers, as the most common reason for increasing their investment.

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This increase in investment is further fueled by a desire to improve the customer experience in order to stay ahead of the competition; even more so than actual product innovation. This is a big plus for customers! It’s not just a push to increase automated processes or replace humans with software to cut costs and increase margins, but a conscious effort to improve customer satisfaction!

Axosoft has certainly got on board with making our customers the focus of our business decisions. Even our product focuses on servicing our customers’ customers with features like the Customer Portal (now that’s meta). Axosoft customers also have the ability to integrate their help desk features with their development tools for project management, bug tracking, and documentation. Not to mention they can create even more robust solutions by integrating Axosoft with other well established CRM tools like Salesforce and Zendesk.

Software Advice reports that the most frequently used help desk functionalities are ticket management, reporting/analytics tools and live chat integration. These are trends we’ve picked up on and built into Axosoft. We’ve also seen that as more and more customers are preferring instant chat support, integrating Axosoft with a live chat solution like Pure Chat helps provide a superior customer experience. Our Customer Success  and Sales teams personally use this live chat solution along with Axosoft to better serve our customers.

Our goals at Axosoft are broad: improving our overall customer experience. In order to evaluate the best help desk solutions for your company, it’s important to identify your business goals and how you can measure the impact of a system. You should also consider your own scope of use, integration requirements, and preferred deployment model (cloud or on-premise). Take a look at Software Advice’s 2015 Help Desk Report for more data that may help you make an informed purchasing decision.

What solutions are you investing in for 2015 and beyond? Let us know on Twitter!

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