How Dev Teams Ship Software 24% Faster with Agile & Scrum

How Dev Teams Ship Software 24% Faster with Agile & Scrum

How is it that our customers estimate that they ship their software, on average, 24% faster using OnTime?  That’s what they told us when we surveyed them, and this amounts to dev teams getting an extra three months every year!

OnTime Scrum helps achieve this by answering a very basic questions.

What should I be working on?

This is one of the most fundamental questions every member of any team should be able to answer at any given time.  It’s not the starting point, nor is it necessarily the most important (how and why come into play, too). It is however a question that functional teams who ship products on time can answer.

It’s a beautiful thing, because if you can answer this question, it indicates that you’ve done a lot of things effectively:

  • backlog management and prioritization
  • project visibility
  • release planning
  • and real-time snapshots of progress being made
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Focusing on the Work, Not the Process

Development methodologies and tools need to stay out of the way! Sometimes there is a fine line between a tool or system that helps us become more effective and efficient, versus a tool or system that just creates more work and ultimately gets in the way.

OnTime Scrum helps teams by providing:

  • Email notifications
  • Automated workflow
  • Real-time burndown charts that show the team’s progress

Finishing projects an average of 24% faster is huge.  It gets you that extra 3 months — maybe 3 more sprints — to improve your product.  OnTime Scrum takes care of the overhead and helps your team focus on writing great code and getting more customers.

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