My Kid Codes Better Than Your Honor Student!

My Kid Codes Better Than Your Honor Student!

CodaKid teaches children how to design, create, and dream!

Kids Coding at Axosoft

What if your 7-year-old could learn how to modify (“mod”) the award winning game Minecraft®? How awesome would it be for your 10-year-old to learn universal coding concepts? What if your 14-year-old could create his/her own game?

This May, Axosoft opens its doors to CodaKid, the super dynamic Arizona based computer programming and video game academy, for children ages 6 to 14. CodaKid is armed with the staff and curriculum that will empower your kids to do all of the above and more!

There’s no one who understands the value in coding and designing better than David Dodge, the founder of CodaKid. David is a veteran video game developer, game designer, and software architect – having worked for nearly a decade at Sega of America, Cyclone Studios, 3DO, and more.

According to David, all the coding instructors at CodaKid, “Know how to make coding entertaining, and our classes encourage discovery, creative expression, and presentation.”

And what better way to empower our future coders than to invite them to learn and dream inside a real tech company?!

That’s why Axosoft is partnering with CodaKid to offer regular programming classes as well as CodaKid’s wildly popular—and FREE—Code-a-thons!

Get more information or even register today for upcoming CodaKid classes at Axosoft!

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