Coders vs. Cancer

Coders vs. Cancer

Spoiler Alert: Coders WIN!

We were THRILLED to be a part of the inaugural Hackathon: Coders vs. Cancer! As a two-time breast cancer survivor (yeah, I’m an overachiever),  part of this excitement comes from the fact I know, personally, how critical early detection is and how software has the potential to make early detection easier. Also, the fact that Axosoft, as a conscious company, decided to show up in a big way for this event, is extra special. Not only did we offer an Axo-Empowerment Prize for the winners, but I gave the event’s opening talk!

The hackathon was conceived by Self chec, in partnership with gyro and Startup Institute, and asked coders to come up with innovative tools to help women learn how to keep an effective self-exam schedule.

You might be asking yourself: Why would a B2B company invest time, energy, and money in events like these, where there’s no obvious return?? Because we’re an agile project management software company, which means that we know how important it is to harness the power of intelligence, creativity, and collaboration to move quickly and help coders create software that empowers all of us to live joyous, streamlined, and longer lives. That’s our bottom line.

You can have a listen to my event-kick-off talk here:

Tania Katan’s Talk

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