Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert Part 2

Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert Part 2

If you haven’t already, read Part 1 of the Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert.

Out of the blue, on October 21st, AppointmentPlus initiated a new challenge: a flag football face off!

flag football challenge

Our fearless leader Hamid Shojaee did not hesitate to respond, “We never back down from a challenge. So it’s on!” And after some intense pre-game smack talking, the game was on!

Take a look at the pre-game coverage on AZTechBeat.

axosoft flag fooball team

Was this the biggest upset in AZ Tech Flag Football history? That’s not for me to decide. We heard guys like Steve Booze saying they were going to beat us 77-0 and that we shouldn’t even show up. We don’t pay too much attention to that junk. We were prepared, we had a game plan and we executed it. We may not be the most impressive team on paper, but the game isn’t played on paper, it’s played on the field. Axosoft is a team, a unit, not a bunch of individuals looking to make a name for themselves. You think guys like Mike Parrish put in the extra reps to be on the cover of the Mr. Software calendar? No – that’s just a bonus. Do you think Gustavo Figueroa became the most popular flag futbol player in all of Mexico by worrying about his stats? Of course not. When you have a bench as deep as ours, it makes the coach look really good. Not many teams can grab a camera man and an accountant and expect them to make plays like Shane and Jessica did. Am I disappointed we didn’t win? Of course. But we were the ones with the ball, with no time on the clock and the opportunity to win the game.

Although we tied, 20-20, we’re happy to report that the rivalry match ended sharing good beer with good company 🙂

football teams unite

Check out the game footage below!

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