Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert Part 1

Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert Part 1

A little friendly competition has been unfolding over the past few months between Axosoft and neighboring AZ tech company AppointmentPlus – or AppointmentMinus as we like to affectionately refer to them. It all started back in August when AppointmentPlus challenged Axosoft to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This was certainly the thing to do at the time, and nearly all Axosoft employees had already completed the challenge. In good spirit, our company donated $1,000 to the ALS cause and planned our response to AppointmentPlus.

Footage from Axosoft’s Nerf attack on AppointmentPlus

As seasoned Nerf-war veterans, we decided the only appropriate response was to attack the AppointmentPlus headquarters with Nerf guns blazing. The AxoWarriors charged into AppointmentPlus showing no mercy on the AP employees. The battle raged on for what must have seemed like an eternity for the majority of AP employees who did not even attempt to fight back. Ultimately Axosoft reigned victorious and disappeared nearly as quickly as we had come – except this time with many hostages in tow.

Media coverage from Tishin Donkersley, AZTechBeat

Over the next days and weeks we admittedly taunted AppointmentPlus with hostage photos in hopes to initiate negotiations for beer and wine in exchange for returning the stuffed-animal hostages. AppointmentPlus had no intentions of engaging in our hostile negotiation tactics. Eventually we returned the hostages, and the rivalry shenanigans settled into nothingness for several months.

appointmentplus hostage

And then… Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert Part 2

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