What’s New in Axosoft v16.5?

What’s New in Axosoft v16.5?

@Mentions, source control, and more!

Hello, it’s nice to see you! We’ve got a couple cool features that v16.5 has to offer all the fantastic users of our Scrum project management software.

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@Mentions; not just for social anymore.

Oscar Wilde said, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” But, how do you know if someone is talking about you online? Well, thanks to social media, you can use the handy technique of @mentions! It makes you look like you’re super popular online.

@mentions in Axosoft

Not so helpful in a work capacity, you might say. Not true, I say. Now, you can @mention someone in the comments field in Axosoft, if you want to call someone’s attention to that specific piece of information (not just that you are talking about them). The person you mentioned will get an email notification right away. For example, @DarthVader will soon know he needs to update imperial codes by EOD, not tomorrow.

If you can’t remember someone’s username, just start typing and any similar search results will start to appear.

Source control hooks; our family of integrations grows.

Out of the box, Axosoft integrates with a variety of different source control software, including TFS, GitHub, and Tortoise SVN. Welcome to the family Bitbucket (Git), GitLab and Visual Studio Team Services (Git + TFVC). We’re happy to have you here.

Source Control in Axosoft

These new integrations are important because if you include a tag for an Axosoft item in your commit, it can trigger a workflow step. The more tools Axosoft integrates with, the easier it is for users to seamlessly work with their preferred tools. We aim to please!

Customer notification recipients; tell the entire team the good news.

This particular update was actually requested by Axosoft’s own Customer Success team! Now notifications can be sent to an entire team or to just one person on that team. Notifications have rules, and when you trigger that rule, you are telling the notification to send to your recipients. The challenge is that in the very recent past, Axosoft would only send to one person—and you would have to rely on email to tell the rest of the team.

Not anymore! This update allows you to simply type in the company name and all your contacts get notified at once!

Check out v16.5 release notes to learn about all the changes and updates in this release.

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