What’s New in Axosoft v16.4.1?

What’s New in Axosoft v16.4.1?

Single Sign-In and Search

Here we are at the beginning of Fall! But that doesn’t mean we’re taking a break and ready to break out the Pumpkin Spiced Latte just yet! In fact, we’ve been working hard to help dev teams ship with confidence. So, with that—here are the biggest updates you need to know about.

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Active Directory Integration for Logging in

Aside from making it easier for an end user to log in, Azure Active Directory (a free service from Microsoft) adds an extra layer of security.

The idea is to provide a single sign-in process for all users in an organization rather than requiring each person to remember and record their Axosoft credentials with their IT team.

“Having the ability to use Azure Active Directory to log into Axosoft is a huge benefit to users and their IT departments,” says Dustin Tatgenhorst, Director of IT.

For IT, it removes yet another silo of user data and credentials to be managed. This allows end users to securely access the already-existing centralized user database in Active Directory, from anywhere in the world.
Dustin Tatgenhorst, Director of IT

Previous to this release, this option was available for those clients who chose an installed solution. Now, hosted users can benefit from it as well.

So, now when an end user sits down at their desk in the morning and logs into the computer, their credentials are simply passed through to Axosoft. The single sign in allows them to go right into Axosoft seamlessly.

“For your users, it’s one less password to remember, and it allows them to continue using the same credentials they use every day at work,” reports Tatgenhorst.

In short, it’s less administrative overhead and a better end-user experience. Win-win!


As an additional offering to the Axosoft Premium plan, organizations can easily configure their Axosoft account by going to:

Tools / Manage Extensions /External Login

azure manage settings

Next, you need to update each user to use Azure ID login from:

Tools/ People/ Users > Edit/ General Information

azure user settings

Now, when you access your hosted account login page, you will see the option to use Azure login.

Please visit our documentation for more details on set up. If you get stuck or need support, contact our Customer Success team!

Upgrade to Premium

Searchable List Fields

We’ve updated the search functionality in all field templates; this is a small, yet mighty quality of life update! Instead of searching through a list and choosing what you were looking for, you can now start typing and Axosoft will begin to autofill what you need.

The new feature of making all the dropdowns and multi-select fields searchable, makes life easier and saves time.
Ashley Maberry, Axosoft Developer

If you are in a customer field, just start typing the first couple letters of a client’s name; Axosoft will fill in the rest and give you what you’re looking for.

azure search

Instead of having to look through a large list for what you want, you can simply start typing and your options will be simplified. Finding what you want is just easier overall that way.

Originally we were only going to do the ‘Project and Release’ fields since those tend to get large for a lot of companies over time. But once our support team started using it, they were hooked, and they requested other fields be searchable as well.
Ashley Maberry, Axosoft Developer

For more in-depth information about this release, check out our version history.

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