What’s New in 14.3?

What’s New in 14.3?

We’re excited to announce Axosoft’s Version 14.3 Release! Here is what you can expect in the newest version:

  • Teams: Make team management a breeze by organizing your users by teams and sub-teams.
  • SMS settings: Let Axosoft send you text notifications on your mobile devices.
  • UX boost: Drag and drop images into text fields, copy and paste images into large text fields, see user gravatars in card view and more.


This is a big one.  Many of our customers (that’s you!) need the ability to group users together in the system to manage their progress more easily, gain better visibility, and include the whole team. Hence the introduction of team management.

Welcome to Teams with Axosoft.
Welcome to Teams with Axosoft!

You can now assign items to teams, filter by teams, send notifications to teams and more. Teams are located under the Users and Teams section of the Organize panel. This is where you group your main team and create smaller teams within a larger grouping of users as well.

Create as many smaller teams as you need.
Create as many smaller teams as you need.

In short, anywhere you could assign an individual user to something, you can now assign a team. Plus if the team ever changes it’s easy to update the roster for the next cycle.

SMS Settings

Ah texting. For those of you who love your mobile devices, we now give you the ability get text notifications from Axosoft (US and Canada only). Go to Tools/ System Options/ SMS settings to enable SMS settings. For hosted customers, that’s all you need to do. If you’re an installed customer, you will need to create a Twilio account to configure the SMS feature in your network.

This will enabled by default for hosted customers.
This will be enabled by default for hosted customers.

Once enabled, go to Tools/ Notifications/ Manage to edit a notification template and enter a phone number in the recipients box.  You will then get a text from Axosoft anytime an item is created, changed, or deleted.

Type the phone numbers you wish to include in your notifications. (US and Canada only.)
Type the phone numbers you wish to include in your notifications. (US and Canada only.)

This functionality will be free while in Beta.

UX Boost

It’s the little things that count. That’s why we’ve updated several smaller features to boost your everyday use of the Axosoft Suite. We’ve introduced Global Dashboard Settings to allow quick changes to your whole dashboard. For example, by clicking the gear by the huge plus sign in your dashboard, you can now update the release or sprint for a particular dashboard once you’re ready to start the next cycle.

Update the release, time unit, item type and a few extra things all in one place.
Update the release, time unit, item type and a few extra things all in one place.

Here’s a quick list of other new functionality you can try with this release:

  • Copy and Paste into large text fields (drag and drop images too, yay!)
  • Right click to add a worklog
  • ID and title always in view when scrolling in edit mode
  • Gravatars now included in card view

Plus join us for our API Webinar on September 3rd to learn about the latest version of our API. That wraps up what’s new in 14.3. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!

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