Axosoft v19.0 Release

Axosoft v19.0 Release

See what’s new and improved

🌷Spring into Axosoft v19.0! Our team has been hatching up some bright new features and blooming bug fixes to enhance your Axosoft experience.

Watch this quick video or keeping reading to see all the new features.

More Organizing Options with Sections

Sections have sprung! 🌱You may now organize your fields into groups called sections. To access this feature, navigate to Tools > Fields > Field Templates, and then edit any field template to build out a section.

Sections organizing in Axosoft Sections organizing in Axosoft

You can see these sections appear when in View or Edit mode with any items that use the field template in question.

Editing Field Values from List View

Users may now right-click to edit fields from the List View by using the context menu to make a different selection. No more hopping back and forth between screens.

Editing field values from list view

Editing Checklist Fields

Users can now edit existing text in custom checklist fields, making it much easier to correct typos and update tasks. Chick ching! 🐣

Editing checklist fields in Axosoft

My Item History Tab

When you go to add a new tab, you will now see an option under Publicly Saved Tabs for a new tab called “My Item History.”

My History Tab in Axosoft

Click My Item History to add the tab, allowing you to review the most recent items you’ve  made changes to. This should come in handy for tracking down items you just closed or modified.

If you don’t have the History tab enabled, have your administrator turn it on from Tools > System Settings > General > Main Tab Visibility > Miscellaneous.

Toggle Details Pane

You may now use the keyboard shortcut Shift + d to toggle the Details Pane open and closed.

Toggle Details Pane in Axosoft

Help Desk Arrow Navigation

🌞It’s a sunny day for you Help Desk power users!  You may now use Next and Previous arrows within an email to browse through that email’s thread.

Help Desk email arrows in Axosoft

That about covers what’s new in Axosoft v19! To see a complete list of improvements and bug fixes, checkout the current release notes.

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