Axosoft v18.0 Release

Axosoft v18.0 Release

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Better support for epics

In this release, we’ve implemented better support for epics. How you ask? With a new checklist custom field!

To create this custom field, navigate to Tools > Fields > Custom Fields, and add a new custom field to one of your item types. Here you can select the checklist field type, save and then add the field to any field templates from Tools > Fields > Field Templates.


Watch this quick video or keeping reading to see all the new features.

Dynamically add tasks

You can now dynamically add tasks when editing your items; this is a great solution for further breaking down work in user stories.

Assigned releases

The Release Planner will now reference what other releases a user is assigned to. This icon [insert icon] will appear when you add a user to a release, who already has work assigned in other releases. Hover your mouse over the icon to get the list of other releases, and use this info to adjust the workload as needed.

Total team capacity

Additionally, any teams you add to the Release Planner will now include a total team capacity value. Now that’s handy!


If you navigate to Tools > Notifications > Manage, you can now add a users column which will show who originally created the notification.

Email attachments icon

Lastly, if you actively reply to emails within Axosoft, you will now see a paperclip icon in the ticket’s email thread indicating any new attachments in the thread.

That about covers what’s new in the Axosoft v18 release! To see a list of bugfixes and other improvements, check out the v18 release notes.

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