Announcing Axosoft v17

Announcing Axosoft v17

Introducing a fresh, new look and more features

 Update: Slack integration now available in v17 (for Hosted accounts only)

A new year is fast approaching, and many people are setting their intentions to become a better version of themselves in 2017. The Axosoft product team has been hard at work getting Axosoft in shape to be even better too!

We’re excited to announce a fresh, new look for Axosoft! That’s right, Axosoft v17 has an updated UI and enhanced UX, which makes it easier than ever before to onboard new users and streamline your actions in-app.

Axosoft v17 card view

Watch this quick video or keep reading to get an overview of what has changed and what’s brand new!

Organize Panel

First, we have updated the panels and the main workspace. The overall placement remains the same but you’ll notice elements have been re-styled. Also, search is now available for all panes in the Organize panel.

Axosoft v17 organize panel

The menus have been replaced with a vertical ellipsis that houses all pane options. So for example, if you select a project, you can either right click to edit or click the ellipsis to edit.


Main Workspace

The main workspace has been simplified and redone. The options for List View, Card View, Rank View, and Sort by rank, have been consolidated in one location next to the refresh icon.

axosoft v17 views

The Add, Edit, and Workflow menus remain in the same area, but the Filters menu is now located in the upper left of the UI. Any active filters will be shown here, in the filters bar.

axosoft v17 filters bar

Also, the Print and item reports are now located under the More menu.

axosoft v17 more menu

Details Panel

Similar to the Organize panel, use the ellipsis symbol to access more options in the Details panel.

details more options

You’ll notice that the Details panel now displays a the number of comments, related items, and attachments, instead of a dot symbol.

Axosoft v17 Details Panel

Kanban Card View

If you access the kanban Card View, you can now check the box in the top-left corner to select each card. Use this to multi-edit items like you do in the List View. We have also included icons with the number of comments, subitems, or attachments, in the upper-right of the card.

v17 card view


Tabs have also been updated! Click the + to add a tab, and you’ll see that your tabs are now organized into several categories: built-in Axosoft tabs, your personal tabs, and public tabs that are shared with your team. The option Duplicate Current Tab was moved to the top, so you can quickly make a copy of what you see, make any additional modifications, and then save it for later.

axosoft v17 tabs

Command Palette [New Feature]

Say hello to this new feature: the Command Palette! It’s easy to access with the keyboard shortcut shift + pThe Command Palette is your fastest way to access sub-menus inside of Axosoft. For example, if you want to add a user, search “user” in your Command Palette to jump to the Users menu.

search users

You can always use the Tools menu too, if you need to dive into the Configurations menu.

Mobile Beta Site [New]

You can still access our old mobile site, but our new mobile beta site has has a fresh look; plus, sprint details and an activity feed. Using the beta site, you can review burndown charts for your active releases, items in your projects and releases, and get an activity feed of your most recent changes.

Note: The current mobile beta site only provides data for your Work Items and Feature item types.

mobile beta site

Well, that about covers what’s new; for more details, check out the v17 release notes. If you have feedback about any of these updates, especially the UI, please fill out your in-app survey!

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