Axosoft Tips

Axosoft Tips

8 GIFs that will help you use Axosoft like a pro!

Each week we share a tip on social media to help you and your team use Axosoft like true pros. Whether you’re just getting started with agile or have mastered the most popular framework, Scrum, these 8 tips will help you manage your projects more efficiently.

Axosoft Tips

  1. To access your projects quicker, right click on a project folder to add it to your favorites list.

AxoTip1 AddtoFavorites

2. You can edit inline by right clicking on a field and then updating the value.

AxoTip2 Lineitemedit

3. Use Quick Filters! Hover over a column header in list view to quickly filter down to a selection.

AxoTip3 QuickFilter

4. Access the Scratchpad in the lower right corner to jot down notes for later.

AxoTip4 Scratchpad

5. Hit the print icon to create a report of items in view including your filters, color coding, groupings, etc.

AxoTip5 PrintReport4

6. Share your dashboard with non-Axosoft users. Create a link in the upper right and optionally set a password.

AxoTip6 SharingDashboard

7. Right click on a column to group by that field.

AxoTip7 grouping-by-column

8. Access the workflow dropdown menu in the toolbar to update the step for a selected item.

AxoTip8 Workflowmenu AxoTip8 Workflowmenu

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