Axosoft Tips IV

Axosoft Tips IV

10 new GIFs showing Axosoft tips and tricks

Are you looking for tutorials, tips and organizational tricks for using Axosoft? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are our 10 latest Axosoft Tips.

  1. Turn on the tutorial bar and select a topic to get better acquainted with the UI.
  2. Create subitems to break your work into more manageable parts.
  3.  To edit existing custom fields, select the field to be edited and either click the Edit button or double-click the field name. 
  4. Use the Organize Panel to quickly filter your work logs tab (and your other tabs).
  5. Move the Organize Panel panes up or down to reposition them.
  6. Right-click on any group header to quickly expand or collapse all groupings. 
  7. File size is available as a column when you dock the Attachments pane to the bottom pane.
  8. Organize your many email account connections by renaming the email account name.  
  9. Use the quick add + to create sprints or releases on the fly!
  10. When creating a new item, search for existing items with the same name to avoid creating duplicates.

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